Thursday, July 12, 2012

Butt Cheeks and Handle Bars

There is that moment when you are on what some have affectionately called a "runners high" that you have laid it all on the line and you have given it all you have. In this case though it's on what I affectionately call, "The Bike"!!!  A recumbent bike at that...LOVE my Bike!! So I am on The Bike and I am peddling for all I am worth. I have gotten over the, " I do not want too's", and the I cant's, and the what in the world do I want this fors....I am in the zone!!!
Oh yes I am!!! Big Ole me is in THE ZONE! I am past the crying. Past the whimping out. Got my tunes blaring in the background . All children and the husband have been accounted for. Chores are done or as done as they are going to get at the moment. It is one of those moments where you learn just what you are made of and just how far you can push yourself. In that moment my hands are usually poised just off to the side..more so in the front...boxer chic style...floating not resting on anything. My head is down, but my eyes forward and fixed...on the wall. I'm not really looking at anything.
It is likely I have just prayed to God for the help that I know I am going to need to finish this, both the here in the now next 4 minutes and the entire 331 lbs to 185 journey. There is no tension on the wheel. I am just free flowing. My muscles have long since totally freaked out and gotten over it. There is sweat running down my legs and into my socks. Did I mention I am in THE ZONE!!! It is in this fast paced and fleeting moment that I realize......the noise I am hearing that is breaking my concentration is.... YEP it is...It's my upper thighs/legs/ butt cheeks flapping in the wind and smacking the top of the side handle bars. Well what is a girl going to do? You bet I crack up laughing so hard I began to gasp for breath cause you know my rhythm is all thrown off now. In the laughter and chaos I drop my hands down by my side to confirm what my ears have already heard. In that moment I also realize that although yes indeed my over abundant supply of cottage cheese is in fact doing just that ( slappin da bars); I further discover.... my butt cheeks are with in the inside of the handle bars...and NOT resting on and flowing over the sides of THE BIKE!!!!!!! Well praise Glory to God...Bike ride over! I had to get up just so I could do the Happy dance right then and there!!! Happy Dance... Happy Dance... H A P P Y  D A N C E !!!!!!! Alert: There is LESS of me!!!!!!! And more so... I am still me and I AM ON THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!
Prime example why I am not so excited about going to a "gym". I know for sure I will not lay it all on the line...not even for a second...if I think someone just might be looking. I mean can you imagine the riot that would have caused at the GYM...!!!!???? And you know the next thing that would happen is that someone would post it on youtube!!! Nope Nope Nope... I think I'll keep my cardio work out right here in the safety of my own home!!! Just me and my bike...flappin in da breeze!!!!!!!!