Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lights Are On But Nobody is home!

How many times have we heard that...The lights are on but no one is home? Mostly in reference to some person that has done something that seems so very obviously wrong in our opinion. Yes I am still gonna talk about is your home a Haven....I'm getting there...( to those of you who got a heads up on Facebook ) Give me a minute, I'm getting there....I got a point to make and then we'll dive into that....So in the context of your home lighting....what if your lights are on but you really aren't home...Go further...what if YOU are home but your lights are NOT on....and then a bit deeper...Now what if....everyone thinks your lights are on and thinks you are home but in and your family are living in the dark, cold cellar out back???? Now I'm cutting to the chase...Point your home a haven in which everyone can see the Light of Jesus Christ shining through you and your family members? Are you living with the light on? Yes the power bill will be high but who cares...the lights are on...switch to candles!!!
If your home is not a haven filled with his goodness and grace and glory...and shinning brightly as a beacon for those who are traveling through.....well need to get to it now don't ya!!!!!Now if you happen to know me then you know....this home ain't always in any shape fashion or form a Haven....and then there are the moments when the lights come on and Jesus reside here...I like those moments so how can we keep those moment coming.... I don't of you needs to tell me!...But seriously....How about starting with the man in your house... Is this a haven for him? Is he getting what he needs? Have you asked him? Does he like coming home? Does he feel comfy when he arrives? Or is he greeted with....Oh my what did I come home for!!!! Once you think about your husband and then work though some of those thoughts, turn your thoughts to your children. Is your home a place where they are happy and feel loved. Are they content or fussy and crabby? Do they bring friends over? Yep you need to ask them its their house too. Depending on the answers you get you need to go through the same process and add and change till you get just the right lighting...Kinda like those dimmer lighting switches...where you can turn the light up and down (preferably up instead of down!). Now go through the same thought process and think about yourself and then your friends and neighbors. Are they visiting your home. Are they calling you? Are they asking you for the reason for your Joy and Light? If not changes need to be made. Truthfully I am lonely in my home right now and my lighting is not working properly. Some switches work , some don't! But what I want and what God wants for me is clear....well its clear if you read what he has to say about it...and I know this is hard to do and to buy into at times...We all struggle...its ok! What's in your heart?...What are you hanging on for anyways? You have the answers you know you get at it! When it gets tough and you do not know what to do...Yes Pray...but think of this...2 John 1:5-6 "... I am not writing to you a new command, but one we have had from the beginning. I ask that we love one another.And this is love; that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love. So for those of you who know me personally and you are wondering what in the world I am hanging in here for marriage wise..its that simply little word...LOVE.... And apparently it meant a whole lot to the maker, the creator, and the LOVER of us all....So go turn your lights on and Walk In LOVE!!!