Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Good question. Hmmmm? Let me think on it. Well......I have be hangin on for all it's worth. Sometimes it's simply all I can do to hang on. Somedays are long others short. Some are loud and full of tears...some are silent full of doubt. Some are crazy mommazon get out of my way kind of a days. I'm still here just not sure where it is I want to go....or what I want to do when I get there....and in truth for me sometimes I have to walk away and just listen and wait till I feel HIS spirit and the when and where and what's tend to all fall in place just as they likely would have anyways...So in other words... I have been listening...and doing a whole lot of walking away.
I've's ok to walk away...especially when you know...KNOW things are just not ok with "this" picture...THIS place...this group...this life...this friend...this job...this church...this cattie group...this whatever it is.....Never ever be afraid for you always have someone with you!!! Never be afraid to live and love and simply WALK AWAY!!! And no doubt if you were to walk in the wrong shant be long before you figure that out...So far... I may be lonely but I am dang sure....I walked when I as told to I'm all good!!!....And I can not wait to see what is on the path just up ahead. Shoot I may just up and make a run for it!!!! Sometimes walkin is for sissy's!!!!!