Friday, January 28, 2011

So....What's UP???

Ok so here is what I have been up to...Don't get too excited...well just yet anyways. To be honest I have been in some what of a crisis mode ever since November 19th. I was just thinking today. I was thinking how marvelously God designs us...We just go on auto pilot in an emergency or crisis. In this case I turned HIM on and LEFT the room!!!( But more about that later) I'd like to say we are not in a crisis anymore...but this would not be true...I am still struggling...Grace is still struggling and Ella is still struggling...This is going to be a long journey...And don't be surprised come spring you will probably be hearing alot about Team Paw!
My mind has been in a constant whirl. On medical information overload! I have also been digging deep into ME...and it is not as pretty as I would like for it to look. Christmas rolled on by and then New Year's followed...Somewhere in there we celebrated 2 family birthdays with 2 more tomorrow! And wow it is almost February! I did remember to start school back up and the girls and I are smoothly up and running again in the academics; along with the addition of total chaos provided by Mr.Rutabaga...We are back on schedule in fact because there are no such things as snow days at this academy...unless snow is involved during recess; which it does when ever there is snow. And with all that we began a new year...2011!
I did not make any resolutions....Oh wait I think I did...yes it was to stay off FB and spend more time with the family. Well that lasted all of 5 minutes..I live with them 24/7 right? Plus I find blogging and responding to friends and family an incredible chance to minister too but more so to love on and I love to love on people. But I have found myself lacking in many areas so I have added a few things to my life...Like I needed to add...but yes sometimes you do need too. I added more Bible study, more family time, more husband time. I joined or linked up to 2 online Bible studies. I have had the pleasure of beginning new relationships with many new and AWESOME women. God lead me to them and God lead them to me. Ineeded some uplifting and inspiration and he provided that. I am looking forward to this new phase of learning and loving to continue for a very long time. This year I also heve a new encouragement sister to love on...that's going to be fun! In truth I am in a big changing and evolving phase. I am not sure exactly where I am or where I am going. But God does and I think I am ok with that....NO I know I am ok with that! He has the plan and He has me in the palm of his Yeah...I'm all good!!! I hope so very much that you are as well. And I hope all of you will hang in there with me and take this walk along side of me. I love holding hands.

I'm Not A Very Good Blogger....

Hi...Yes I am here...but I suck...I am not the best blogger now am I??? Don't answer that! LOL!!! OK So I have been doing lots and lots of stuff and not blogging. I plan to tell you about some of my happening this week end...and I am working on a little something special tittled..."Where is God In A Crisis???? And "In My Daughter's World" so hang in there with me... I also think I will start to add a bit of fluff and stuff since I seem to see other blogger's doing that when they have writers block!!!So tell me what you would like to see and I will added it to the thinking pot. I was thinking of adding some recipes entitled...sorry don't have a title!!! But was thinking some cool 5 ingredient or less recipes...because who has the money or the time to find more than that!!!??? Oh and a certain "Bible man" is suppose to be getting back to me on some scriptures and he has left me hanging so I am pulling them out with my teeth ...and boy are those Bible pages fragile!!! Not too tasty either....So Love to all and thanks for being here...when you could be there!!! Oh wait you are there...but here too...OK Whatever...Love ya!!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hotspots on Your Heart

Hello...I have so missed you (my dearest 2 followers)!!! I talk like I have hundreds of readers because I have high hopes for 2011!!! Anyways, 2010 is gone....and here is 2011!
With every New Year comes that moment (at least for me) that you take a good look at your self and think, "self...what are you going to do with yourself?" And like many women and men too( as least for me) I think, "what am I going to do with this mess of a house!" I do not make New Year's resolutions. THEY are made for breaking! I do however take a bit of a "time-out" and think on some areas where I might need improving. This year I decided I needed to spend less time on the Internet and FB and more time with the family. Well that lasted all of about 2 days because DUH... I home school my kids! I am with my family 24/7!!! But still I need to give them more quality time without me being distracted and involved. For example, I am helping Ella with her Math and Language Art workbooks right now as I am typing this Blog. Multitasking yes but quality attention NOT. So its something I need to work on. Since Grace has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and now we have also been told that she has an under active Thyroid; well I/we are going to have lots of medical appointments. But besides that I have 2 other children, a husband, and a home to care for. I also like to care for others in any way that I can. So with all that on my mind I took a good look at my house and my heart. Truthfully, I looked at my heart first...but it does not matter whether you do that first or is simply important that we do look from time to time.
So I looked into my heart and I knew I needed to continue growing spiritually. I also know that for now I have no car available so I can not attend many of my churches weekly (during the week) activities. I also know that I am called to home school so I am excluded from much of my other friends weekly devotions or those quick little rendezvous at the local coffee shop. But my heart aches and I need God and some women folk too from time to time. And not always just from women. I got some wonderful male friends as well. So being the FB junkie and blogger want to be, I jumped on the FB/Blogspots and went looking to see what I could find. I posted on a familiar message board about needing to connect to some women for a possible on line Bible study group/support group...and TADA!! Just a few hours or maybe it was a day or so later, someone contacted me. Then something was tugging on my heart or maybe a someone and while I was browsing more messages on the same message board; I found a lady expressing the same interest in learning more of God's word as I had. So I replied to her post. A couple of days later, we are all "hooked" up with women from around the globe studying out God's ideals of what each women should strive for. AWESOME!!!
With that; along with another on-line study where I will be studying the Book of James and I am set. But then I took the next look and it was at my home and it was my marriage! Ewww!!!! It is not so pretty. And then from across the miles many new and not even really well known(yet) friends started emailing me FB ing me, and in boxing me with support from them as well as what they hoped would be helpful advice and cool sites for me to investigate....And there in a blink of an eye it was....What you say??? It was ...THE FLY LADY!! Oh yeah but first there was THE DATING DIVAS !!!(I'll list the web addresses later) And then there was some talk of hot spots in your home and making lists and on and on and on....I am new at it so I am learning and it may take a long while. But the idea is to work on one spot in your home till it SHINES!!! Everyday till it is completely clean and clutter free! Stay on it! Do not give up. Keep at it till you are satisfied and it SPARKLES!!!
Then today as I was shinning my sink and trying to see if I could lift the stove hood( who knew? that thing raises up so you can "gasp"...clean it) to clean under it, I had this thought...Ummm? It wouldn't be such a bad idea to do this to my heart either. I mean think about it. Seriously, how much better off would each of us be if we picked a "hot"(LOL! HOT/ Hell get it???)( Not necessarily hell as in HELL but painful kinda of hell) spot on our heart and well....cleaned it off!!! Whatever it is..if it is forgiveness, then ask for it, perhaps it is to forgive yourself even. Maybe it is to forgive your husband! Maybe you're not even sure what it is but you know your attitude sucks and something is grinding at your heart and pulling on those mental strings, your emotions or conscience perhaps. Well then get at it! on it, clean it , take a toothbrush to it! Buy some helpful tools(A Bible,or Comet;whichever applies) Don't worry about company coming. Don't worry about all the other piles of garbage and clutter. Pick 1, just 1....and put that SHINE on!!!!Go ahead work on your heart spot .....till it SPARKLES!!!!!!!!