Saturday, December 24, 2011

What I have Learned!

In six weeks I have learned: ( In order by the week I learned them In )
1. I will NOT die if I take a walk!
2. Yes you can rip you belly off! And the right shoes make a world of Difference! (Shoe issue not related to belly issue!)
3. Yeast infections are Horrible and puking in your sink is not nearly as horrible as...that yeast infection!
4. Dropping a weighted medicine ball on your "pelvic" bone...HURTS!
5. Holding your weights over your face instead of our chest...can very well be DANGEROUS!!!Followed closely by...put up all exercise equipment in its proper place...otherwise you WILL stub your toes on those weights and you WILL very likely re- break your toes and some miscellaneous bones in your foot!
6. Having friends and family to share in all your ups and downs...the kind of friends and family that you call family regardless if you live in the same house or not....Makes the best Christmas present I could have!!!! I Love you ALL each and everyone of YOU!!!! Yes YOU!!!!...Also followed by: I will NOT die if I SWEAT!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some "Good" For You foods!!!

Today I conquered the Greek Yogurt!...Nostimo Vanilla Greek Yogurt+ Agave Syrup+ Pumpkin Fax Granola = Yum! NO...= I could swallow it without gaging!!! While I was not gagging this yummy 14 grams of protein down I made a list of nasty good for you foods!
So here is Michelle's Top 12 Good For You NASTY Foods:(in order from tolerable to down right barf worthy all according to me)
12. Whole Wheat Bread...of any kind
11. Fresh lean "meat" protein
10. Fresh Lemon Lemon opposed to bottled lemon lemon water
9. Plant based "beans" protein
8. Low sodium Almonds or any nuts in general
7. Salads...not slathered in ranch dressing
6. Non carbonated Drinks
5. Greek yogurt
4. Raw and or Fresh or canned tuna of any kind!!!
3. Canned Chicken
2. Dark Chocolate
1. Avocado which I find slimy and repulsive as does my friend Jessica!!!

But I chop that Avocado slimy crap up into a salad and slather it in other veggies and some as in a little bit of ranch dressing!...Gulp it is in and gone....and I do not have to eat it again till...the next week!!!! Now besides the above foods I am eating dried fruits, fresh fruits and steamed fresh veggies or stir-fried fresh veggies....So there ya have it... In order of least to most NASTY!!!...Feel free to save me from myself and add any foods you dislike to my list so I can be fully warned!!! Consider yourself warned......Dark Chocolate is just WRONG!!!!!!! And when I am all skinny someone please bring me some Hershey's Milk Chocolate!!!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

What I Am Thankful For...

I have not posted many "I am thankful for" posts... I generally place my thankfulness at the feet of the one who gave them to me...But tonight is a special night yet a sad night...One yr ago this evening right about this a MOM my world was teetering on crumbling... Grace had just been loaded into a critical care emergency transport unit and an AWESOME EMT was doing his best to hold me all together as his partner worked with Grace and called out all her stats and such so we could be given the OK to leave one hospital and go straight to another detouring the Brenner's ED and going straight up to her room...where numerous nurses, Drs., and specialist were literally awaiting her arrival! We were met in the hallway in fact just off the elevator by 3 top notch folks. The exchange of information taking place was at rapid speed from one set of personnel to another. Grace was lifted up by two gentle giants and transferred from one gurney to the next. And thus life as I had known it was passed. Life as a carefree child is something Grace will never know again. So for tonight for all those personnel and the many more that have come to follow...I'd like to say thank you! For all my friends and family who called, sent sf candy, sent flowers, sent cards, sent balloons, and for those of you who held my hand and said nothing...because what do you say???...Just know that I love you all and I am THANKFUL for each and every one of you. To all of you who made a meal, wiped a tear, donated time and money to help in any way. I am thankful for you. For those of you who are still here by my Grace's side...I am THANKFUL for you. Thank you for all your prayers...and PLEASE keep praying! She will now and forever need all her prayer warriors. And with out any doubts on my part... I am thankful for the Master's hands that have a plan above and beyond what any of us can ever even begin to imagine. Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween..... yes we "celebrate" that!...What is that? Well I have never put much thought to it. It has always been just something us crazy Americans do. Oh wait...they do it in other countries too. Don't they? Like I said never once thought about it ...till I became a parent. OK and even then it took oh I don't know...years into it...for me to go---Duh what the crack am I doing. What is this all about? Is it safe? What am I teaching them? ...And thus as any home school Mom would do ...we researched!!...And decided....well I do not know if we ever really made a deciding decision...but we do go trick or treating. Last year oddly enough we just simply did not. I was tired and frazzled and ..well just tired and cranky with life in general last year and for some weird unknown reason besides all that...we just did not. This year we did. We visited my former Kindergarten teacher, My aunt, and many friends and was FUN. Simply was FUN! Truth is...only thing that ever matters is what is on or in your heart and how you represent the one that created you. Now we can go along in life and say...oh well lets do will be fun...and claim nothing is wrong with that. But in more truth... is that true?...NO! So can you bring God glory dressed up as a Jedi warrior?....OH YES YOU CAN!!!!! You can have a clean and clear heart and have fun and show his Glory through yours...Did you smile, did you say your TY's? Did you hug and kiss your relatives? Did you meet new people and make some new friends? Were you kind and thoughtful..even to the lady that gave you an apple...instead of that giant Hershey bar you were wanting? How did you behave in regards to those other "crazy" drivers? Did you ring the old ladies doorbell 4 times...just because you liked the way it sounds and you have never rang a doorbell before? Did you dance a jig at the sight of the dancing skeleton? ...Well did a fine job....and gave glory where glory was due!
So how did we do our first Halloween with a T1 on board? Well it went kind of like this....
Are you dressed? Is everyone one dressed? Take some pictures Dad! Hurry everybody load up in the van! Have you got your bag GRACE???? What is your glucose level? Ok we are off!....Pitt stop at Dollar Tree for some of those glow stick thingamajigs! Now good lets go!....Wheel in behind car 20 and roll with it! House number 6...Mom can I have some candy? What's ya sugar? Awe! MOM!!!!!!!!!!! OK good You get one piece go for it!...3 More houses...MOM can I have some candy! Yes you are walking and exercising! Go for it! 4 more houses...Mom can I? GRACE slow down on the sweets...Pace yourself...Meanwhile mom and Dad are secretly dumping all 3 kids stashes into the diaper bag...For later of course!...5 More houses... I am hungry ..I am thirsty! Ok So what is your sugar level! THIS SUCKS!!! yes it does...What is your level? Ok half of one candy bar and you must save the rest for later...Umm can I have the chips instead? Yes but no more? Finish off the last of a bazillion houses...restroom trip and diet drink at the local gas station...and headed home! ( She had drank all her water)...get home...MOM can I have...Goodness night NO...But MOM...Loud whimpering...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!What is our glucose reading...Mom I have checked it a bazillion times!!!! yes I know...what is your read? Can I please??????!!!!!!!! Take your insulin! Now ONLY ONE TINY PIECE!!!!! Everyone into their pj's! I do not feel good!!!! OK let's see what the problem is!!!! Ya think ?Really? OK more insulin in and go to bed! And now all is still and all are asleep....Sorry Grace got to see if you are back down under 180! AGAIN...yes again!!!...Mom and daughter CRY together!And so I wait to see what her read is in another hour! Last read was 154....we topped out at 303!!!!!! Yes 303!.....Life is never ever going to be the same...but for as long as I can let her be a kid I am going to do that!.....And I am going to lay odds on having to give her a piece of candy or two in about an hour...because we likely over corrected and she is likely going to drop too low....Honestly, I do not have an instruction book and I am doing the best I can.....BUT for SURE we had FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you did too...!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What makes me Happy...?

Sometimes it is the little things that make me happy. But wait..let's back up. HAPPY...happy is just a word. And as far as I know...we are only entitled to pursue it if it is a destination like the beach or something. BEACH...ok ok...yes there may get you close to happy!!!LOL!!! But lets be honest...I am very thankful for living in a country where happy can actually happen. For some of us anyways....So back to those little things!....What things make you happy? Make and happy....yep I really don't think they go together!
There's not been a lot of happy in my life and yet I am a pretty friendly happy person. Got me a purdy good attitude and personality ! (If I do say so myself) Don't know how that is considering my upbringing and circumstances. But I have never been one to let no be no or to let unhappy hold me down for very long....For truth I owe some of it to my Grandpa Marion and my Granny Alma!!!
Soooo with out yet another delay...the little things that make me giggle are.... The fact that I just taught Jasper to pee on the porch!!!...That Grace actually had a good time at a Dr's. office today. All the household bills being paid on time. Children that laugh. A friend's mother ( who just had a heart attack) was able to brush her teeth today. That my evangelist is out and about sharing the "word" when I am here in the home building the kingdom. When my life and my attitude along with my personality is a letter of hope and perseverance for those around me and for those to all these Dr. Offices!!!!. Lately Almond Milk and Coconut milk have made me happy!!! A bit of coffee on the side!.. Being able to spend time in my child's co-op class really watching and loving and learning with them. Peaking in on the other 2 anytime I like! Sneaking chocolate chips into my evening routine...after the kids are all asleep! I ain't sharing!!!! Smelling fresh cut grass...and secretly that it make the rest of my family sneeze...(Sorry its just funny!) well except when an asthma attack follows. My broken down used and borrowed recliner! Watching any sun rise or sunset for that matter. Seeing my son curled up in his father's lap...while they both snore!! LOUDLY!!! Seeing a mile long smile when one of my girls succeeds at something. When they don't being able to hold them and help them "shake" it off. Making my husband dance in his underwear...outside...while I take pictures! (Hey he is the one that decided to go outside in his undies with out his keys!) Secretly taking my dear sweet time going to get my child a drink of water when they have done something suck on an ink pen!! Yes I at times can be one sick puppy! However I am laughing...and laughing hard...which makes me happy. And in turn is making me giggle more because I know for sure I am going to pee myself! Welcome to turning 40! And here's to all of you who are also going to have to go change your clothes!!! Love ya and yes you all make me Happy!!!....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love the way HE holds me!!!

Why is it that we feel so much better wrapped up in our favorite blanket? My husband recently took on a part time night job. For four nights he worked third shift while I held down the fort at night and during the day while he slept. Each night the kids would whine and whimper about not feeling safe. I cuddled and comforted them the best I could and encouraged them to pray. Truth is however; I didn't feel too awful safe either. One night I wrapped up in my favorite old blue blanket. Jasper snuggled in under one side with me and I put my big "stick" and cell phone over on the other side. Like I could actually take on an intruder with a dumb old stick!!! Really it is not a stick more so a 2 1/2 foot long club! But still not likely going to take anyone out. So I get all comfy in the recliner, plop an almond milk filled zippy cup in Jasper's mouth and reside my self to stay awake long enough to get Jasper into his own bed and to check Grace's glucose levels around midnight or so. Meanwhile the girls have resided to sleeping together because like if there is two of them...then they can take on the world; or so they think!

With in about 15 minutes Jasper has slurped down his milk and has handed me he cup. He then snuggles down and insists I read Good Night Moon and Noah's Ark. I read and he is content. I finish up reading and look over to notice that like magic my little boy is asleep. Not just any sleep...sound asleep! He is leaned over to the side with slobber oozing from the corner of his mouth! Limp as a wet noodle. Naturally I spend just a few moments enjoying this precious site because someday very soon he will no longer be my little boy. And it was while I was soaking and basking in this tearful yet BEAUTIFUL experience that I thought to myself; that is exactly how we should all feel at the end of the day. Complete, content, warm, cozy, happy, secure, safe, and drooling down the side of OUR Father's arm!!!!
Why in the world I did not post this the day I wrote it I will never know!!!....It's a short and GOOD one!!!...So enjoy! OH YES I managed to link a song to the Title of this click it and you get a BEAUTIFUL song!!! Now you can really enjoy!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have decided I AM AWESOME!!!!...There is only one other guy that agrees with me and HE cuts me a whole lot of slack. Hint. Hint. I am not talking about my husband or son. I woke up this morning wanting to go somewhere...anywhere! So I woke the crew up fed them hungry bears some grub, packed drinks in a cooler, snack in a bag, and off we went. Keep in mind the days budget was $25 ish! Well what in the world can ya do with that piddlie amount? And why? Well the why part is simple...I'd like to have gas to go to church tomorrow, I need $32 for renewing my liscense on Monday and I need $50 to register my family a spot in the homeschool co-op on Monday! So not a lot of wiggle/entertainment funds available. Yes I could sit home and most day I do. I only go out for church on Sunday's and Wednesday's and for taking my children to their ususal Drs. appointments and to the grocery store once a month. So hush up... I wanted OUT of the house today!....

Now back to my AWESOMENESS... A friend gave us the heads up on a free childrens event and off we went. But first we dropped a box of books off at a used books bookstore for some store credit. Todays freebie injury prevention fair. The kids saw the inside of a moble hospital unit, a medical helicopter in action...landing an all the works, got to jump in one of those bouncy things, and got to rub and pet a therapy dog . They even played frisbee with Snuffy James! That was the dogs name.. I had nothing to do with that name!...They got a quicky review on performing infant and child CPR, slurped down a free snow cone, picked up a bazillion coloring books regarding things like bike saftey and when to call 911, and...sweated to the near passing out stage! What more could a family of five want??? Oh and to boot we came home with 3 never ever gonna lose in the dark neon green back pack bags to carry stuffs in! Whoot whoot!!!..

This was a random day during the summer!!!......Random Saturday! And thank you again KH!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What was I afraid of?

What was I afraid of? There are a lot of UGLY people at the pool! Every year I am faced with same old me. Same size too! Same size for at least the last 11 yrs and wasn't much smaller before then either. My "ladies" were a few sizes smaller and perkier but that's about it! So off to the pool we go... This year I am not wearing my usual black "nursing" bathing suit. Yes they make them...and I bought it when I had Grace! I was wearing my "other " bathing suit...the hot pink one, with plunging neckline and a cute "not-so little" skirt. I also have on the ugliest navy blue t-shirt borrowed from the hubby on... to cover up with!!!LOL!!! As if no one is going to see me now! I have on the magic cover up t-shirt!!!....The family and I had a really good but short lived time. Short lived for 2 reasons: 1) We did not go till 4 as that was the time the prices dropped. Thus the swim lasted only 1 hour and 45 minutes. 2) And also short lived because Ella got sick immediately afterwards. Regardless of this; we had very pleasant time together. That does not happen much for this family. Sooooo while swimming I naturally did a bit of "people" watching! WAY more fun that looking at!!! Seriously what am I embarrassed about? All my major parts were inside my bathing suit and all was accounted for! Wow what some people deem is good to go is AMAZING!!!! One very attractive young girl was wearing a very "hot" pink 2 piece number. Only problem was I honestly have no idea how she picked up her girls and stuffed them in! Another lovely elderly lady with a "dark" tan was in a leopard type one piece. All was well except for the fact that she had NO teeth! There were at least 5 other women and a couple of men who by far weighed more than me! Now I just estimated that of course. I did NOT walk up to them and ask. I am not stupid...besides I did not want to burst their bubbles and let them know I weighed less than they did. Because I know they were looking at me too!
For sure I had to remind my husband of that Bible verse about the guy needing his eyes gouged out for looking at things he should not. Don't' ask me where it is...its in there!!!!...And then it was during this fun and entertaining moment that I thought two things;Yes 2...that's a good simple number you know. So first thought...Wow God is AMAZING he made lots of different kinds of people. And ......2) What the crack am I afraid of...there are LOTS of UGLY people at the pool. And...wait maybe there was 3 thoughts....3) All my cracks were covered! So go on...go to the pool this summer regardless of all that fluffy stuff keeping you company in that 10 yr old bathing suit! Everyone else has got some too...just all in different colors and sizes!!!! God loves ya just the way YOU are...because he made you that way. And we all know God does not make NO JUNK...regardless of size! Go on do a CANNONBALL! I dare you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Killed enough Ants Today To Have a Sidedish For Supper!

Sure enough I killed ants today in amounts...seriously abnormal for even my less than perfect home! And yet there were so many more fun and interesting things I did today!....And you thought with a blog tittle like mine...I aught to be doing things right! Nope not I am just me. And the me that is has been doing all kinds of fun things....None of which will ever win me the Mother of the Year award or get me voted into the PTA board. Hmmm? Do they still have PTA's? Someone let me know? But again...not like I am going to be running for it's President!

So first off I woke my school kid up at 6:30 this morning for a dose of Ibuprofen... so I could send her to school for her last 3 hours!...Oh hush!!! Yes I did... I so wanted her to get to say good bye to her teachers and friends and bring her first year(she only attended a half year) of attending public school to a proper ending! But in my defense; now you know you did something when you are coming to your own defense, her fever broke last night at 10 pm and she was not feverish this morning. The medicine was for her sore thoat! Yes I know I just nailed the coffin lid...But none the less, she went and did fine, and came home in grand style. I bought her an ice- cream cake!!!
Oh NOW I remember why I did not post this at the time....A friend of mine went to work/school and some kid showed up with what was believed to be strep throat after the mother just gave him/her some meds and sent them on their way.. WHO would do such a thing!!! Anyways she FB about it and I decided that my confession was not a well timed one! Trust me you do not want to get on this ladies bad side!!!...But THAT kid was not my kid...mine went to a different school....well for a little while anyways!!!....Come ON it was the last day of school!!!!!!!She HAD to go!!!!....Consider this an online apology for anyone who had their summer vacation start of with some sort of....sore throat!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Bud's for you and all you do!!!

The King of Beer is coming through! What? I mean The Queen of Cheer is here for YOU!!!! That commercial has not aired in years..... Don't ask why it came to mind when I was trying to think of a Blog topic....And with that....(Having absolutely nothing to do with the above title)

Was washing dishes a while for the tenth time today!!! And was yet again thinking about Grace and her diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Sorry forgive me...but I am a MOM and well I so just do NOT want this for her. Not unlike any mother who wants to make all the boo boos better! I so want to change this. I so want to make her all better. Who am I kidding I would take it on me in a moment... If that is what God had planned. Of course if God had that planned then it would be me and not her....And the other horrid lingering fact is both siblings are have more than a 75% chance of developing Type 1 Diabetes too....So its like I am living with never know. But then again do I want to know Gods Plans??? Seriously If we knew what the plan was...we would forever be trying to change it. Good or Bad we would live our life trying to avoid the bad and hurry up and get to the good parts. ...But for sure I know Gods plan.....he plans to prosper me and not to harm me! Right? Well Yes!!!...But WOW what is his thinking? Wow What is he doing????....I do not know every detail.....BUT OH MY OH MY it is going to be AWESOME!!!

But for now...this is my life:

5:45 am....Wake up pray, read, or....try to sleep just 45 more minutes.
6:30 Feed the chickens, and try to figure out something to fix/cook for breakfast.
6:45 Wake up husband and start cooking breakfast.
7:00 Say good morning to the girls and continue cooking.
7:15 Get Ella up for Breakfast and school. ( Because she has fallen back to sleep)
7:30 Feed everyone but Grace breakfast! Brush Ella's hair. Pack up Ella's Book bag.
( Grace is still snoozing!....Not an early riser for sure)
7:45 Come up with something for husbands lunch, pack it and toss it to him.
7:50 Listen to Jasper SCREAM as Ella and DADDY leave out the drive way.
8:00 Change Jasper's diaper and get him dressed. Load everybody's dishes into a sink full
of the first of MANY piles of dishes and some warm soapy water!
8:10 Call to Grace to respond to me: Grace WAKE UP! Grace respond to me!( Hmmm? No
answer.) Grace I need you to wake up and respond to Mommy!!! ! 1, 2, 3...NO response!
Take deep breath, pray, run to her room shake her senseless and scare the crap right out of
her and poke/prick her finger to get a glucose reading...The first of about 7 each day!!!
Praise God out loud that she is ok and was just simply still sleeping soundly. Reading was
8:30 Give Grace her breakfast....which she gets to warm up herself since I fixed it an hour ago.
But Thank-you Jesus she is alive and breathing and not in a coma...So I do not fuss too
much...Plus she gets to take the 1st insulin shot of the day...FUN NOT!
9:00 Household chores, FB, talk and cozy up on the couch with Jasper and Grace.
9:15 Boot Grace off the couch to go wash her face, brush teeth, get dressed, and brush her hair.
9:30 Begin school with Grace and Jasper.....
10:30 Give Grace a 1 - 2 carb count snack ( 30 carb grams or less) Then it is time for her to do
some school work on her own. Change Jasper's Diaper...and play with him.
11:30 Review Grace's work. Discuss any on going projects, and or any corrections that need to be
made on her work. Brainstorm with her regarding lunch options. Check her glucose
levels. (Prick #2) During this time I am trying really hard to keep Jasper from doing un-
repairable damage to the computer and plumbing!!!
12:00 Administer Insulin and share lunch with Grace and Jasper. Put dirty dishes in sink with
fresh soapy water ( Round #2) Pray that Jasper will go to sleep for LONG nap!!!
12:30 Take Jasper and get him down for his nap. Oh Please Oh Please!!!!!!
12:45 (Am I boring you yet?) Finish eating my lunch and try to figure out whether I took a
shower this morning or not. (NOT...That explains that smell and gross feeling or....
maybe I just put Jasper to sleep with poop in his diaper! I am a horrible MOM!)
1:00 Begin the afternoon session of schooling with Grace.
2:15 Finish up what schooling we are working on. Check Grace's insulin...( Finger stick
#3!) Give Grace and Jasper a quick snack and load them up in the van to go get Ella from
3:00 Return home with Ella and crew all on board and with any luck not bottoming out or
blowing up the sugar ricture scale...which is anything over 220!

I wrote this one day a few months back...thought it was still worth sharing...Life is a bit smoother now....well sometimes it is!!!! But this is life! And I am a gonna life it!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Really Bad Day....

Yesterday was simply put Just a really bad day for me. There is just so much "stuffs" roaming around in my head that I even feel rather ill. I do not even know where to begin. I do not know what to pray for or about. Honestly that is my problem...I can't figure out how to pray. Not that I do not know how to pray...I can do that; but more so...what and in what direction. Yesterday and today... I feel like a failure! I feel very OVER-whelmed!!!! There is so MUCH that is not in my control...People judge me and think that I can just go...and do...and fix it ! NOTHING is ever what it seems and no one...NO one mortal human will ever know what it is like in my shoes. (11 wide by the way!)...At points I do not even know what is bothering others I am having a time of it just to keep the list of things bothering me under control and under the 100 count!..Yep its that bad at times....And then's that one really evil thing...MONEY! Or the lack of it at the moment. Sorry I know I am not making any sense...And I am not being funny...Which bites...because I like being funny and finding the funny in things that are funny!...Did you follow that??? So in a nut shell it is me that is the issue and perhaps my own desires...BUT!!!... I do want what Jesus wants!...Good Marriage, Happy Healthy Kids, Husband with a good paying job, Children on the honor roll and in 3 different sports...(LOL I home school some of mine..and do I really want them to participate in 3 sports???)...I do not need a lot... I just need for what I do have to be ok and for it to work smoothly
Yeppers was having a not so good day that day...This was written way back when before summer 2011! So on days like that we just...HANG ON...and pray!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

If I told you everything....?

If I were to tell you all the thoughts that come across my mind; you would be in such a condition that I would need you to sign a disclaimer proclaiming I am NOT responsible for the mess in your pants! I mean did you know ...if you have long hair and if you lie across the bed and hang your head forward off the side of the bed and then brush it out straight in front of can cut your own hair and look at it at the same time...WAY easier than trying to cut it from behind you and try to see it and WAY better than asking your husband to trim it and then having a six inch chunk cut out...( You have my permission to read through that twice ...just so you get it...cause like that is one heck of a run on sentence.)
Did you know that six clucking chickens in the house just may drive me insane....been there before and it was not the fault of any chickens...but this time... I am sure the chicken will be the reason!...Yes you read that right? Go ahead ask me?....Dare ya? OK so there were 10...but some how over night four of them found their way onto my hit list....The things my husband gets to do...Poor fella! And no ...NO chickens where harmed.....Ummm? Just relocated!
OK so the Paul clan now consists of 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 rabbits, and 6 chickens!!!!!Someone tell me what WAS I thinking? Oh yes I know... I was thinking omelets, quiche, scrambled, fried, boiled, over-hard.....but most of all in my fridge for me to use....After I wash the chicken crap off of them!!!!
If I were to tell you everything then and only then would you be subject to truth... It might FREAK you out...It may run you off! has so been known to happen. Now never fear...I have learned just to nod and smile and say nothing...It has taken me years but I can do it....But do not ask me a real of them that you want a real answer could get awkward!!! For you at least.
And one other last little tid bit....39 is just too young to be having senior moments. A friend of mine has suddenly began getting lost going to and from her and from places...or areas...she has known all her life! Poor lady what is up with that...I shall not name names! But I do not think she is even 39 yet? It is also at this age when I have realized I am too old and not smart enough to still be having my period. I mean if I can no longer figure out exactly how to get all those wrappers off all those sticky parts and then get them stuck onto my's time to call this to an end. Seriously, WHO thought all these WINGS things in ya underwear was a good thing! Certainly was NOT some lady who can not for the life of her get them to stay stuck and folded around the underside of her bloomers. So if you happen to see me out and about and headed to the "Little Ladies Room"...( Little Ladies Room? Who the crack every gave that place a name like that? Don't get me started on that) Anyways....Squirrel!!!!........Yes Yes Yes... if you see me headed to the bathroom with a peculiar look about my face and a strange walk...NO I do not have to go pooh pooper do!!! But I may for sure have something sticky taped to certain parts that I have...that should absolutely NOT have sticky tape stuck to them. If you have no idea what I am talking about them...A) YOU are male. or B) you are not 39 yet!!!! Yes folks this does happen and it can happen to you. Might even happen in the middle of church...and for goodness sake you know it's going happen in Wal-Mart!!!....Now y'all go have ya a good evening..go think about something funny and love on your loves...makes for some of the best sleep...Well that and go do that too! (Now you knew I was not going to blog and not say something "religious"!) So sorry I am a JESUS FREAK!!!!( Sorry GUYS for any unintended TMI)....(or is it TMV) Yes maybe BOTH!!! Soooo Sorry...well really NOT!!!!Have a good evening...Love ....Y'all...( I so sound like Paula Dean!) Now I do love me some Paula Dean.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Runnaway Bunny

The Runaway Bunny is a book by Margaret Wise Brown. Years ago we bought this book for Grace or possibly it's nearly 11 to 9 years old. I have read this book a BAZILLION times!!!! Recently I have had the repeated blessing of reading it to my youngest child yet again for like a BAZILLION times!!! Oh how I love to curl up with a kid of any size and age and read this book; along with the book Goodnight Moon also by Margaret W. Brown.
The Runaway Bunny is a story of a little Bunny who wants to run away! Duh! Hence the title...Right? When little bunny tells his mother he is going to run away, the mother says, " If you run away... I will run after you...For you are my little bunny." I do not get much past that first page before the tears start to roll...and roll and roll.....I never had a mother to come after me. I did however have a great grandmother and some super awesome teachers who I give tremendous credit for carrying me through some very long and dark days. I owe or rather I credit all of them with saving my very life. Trust me... I had a rough time during my childhood and into my teenage years. Yes I had a mother...but she made it a habit of abandoning me...and on more than one occasion would do so unannounced and leave me unattended...Yep just up and leave and never be heard from for months on end...With that said, fast forward...many years and here I am with 3 beautiful blessings of my own and I can not even fathom the idea of doing such a thing. Sure I have my bad days when I feel like...walking away...for in truth I do not get nearly enough rest or support as a MOM that perhaps I feel I am due. But with that said...again... I would never do such a thing, and so as I was reading this story on one particular night or perhaps it was an afternoon or maybe a morning...They all blend in around here.....I drew a conclusion or maybe I should say a parallelism between the relationship between this child and his mother and the relationship each and everyone of us has with God. Yes I said ALL of us...
The mother in this book...she climbed mountains, she swam streams, she walked tight ropes, she became a tree, she even became the wind in order to guide a rescue her wondering son. God sent his son to offer us a guiding hand....even to those who do not believe. When you look at that newborn and wonder where did that smell come from or how in this world is her skin so soft...God is there. When you succeed, when you fail, when you wonder around in the world...He is there. You can run nowhere that he is not...ocean yep that His handy work, your loss or gain He is there. In the storm, in the sunshine...over and under every rock. On your wedding day, during your business travels, while you screw off on FB!!! YES he's there took him there and he is never going to leave you. He loves you too much. He will give you every opportunity to seek him as is in his plans. He is relentless and perseveres through all of your life. More than any mother...or any worldly father. HE is after all...your FATHER. He loves you! know its coming......So...go get your BIBLE and seek him. Matthew 7: 7-8, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be open. You are loved and He is there...wherever and however you are right now in this moment and every other moment you are blessed with. Seek Him.....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Save The Broccoli ! ...Save the Broccoli!

I was just thinking....(no comment from the peanut gallery here)...sometimes normal is really cool! But that was not a very good title so I had to come up with something else! Hence...Save The Broccoli!!!...But that will make more since later! I promise it will.... It's been a long day for me...the alarm clock rang in at 5:45 this morning. I crawled out of bed dragging my blanket with me and realize my husband is in the recliner and has never gone to bed...and he has a pint sized toddler all curled up in his lap!... I ooh and awe for a moment and then I say, "Dear...Dear...DEAR!!! get out of my chair...and by the way your alarm clock just went off!" It was that kind of a morning and I was SLEEPY!!! Took one kid to school, took another to a therapy appointment, and called to check in on the hubby and the little man. Whom was my far giving Daddy a run for his money and was so looking the part for their activity at the time. Needless to say little man had peed himself and was running around in only a shirt and diaper. Got home unloaded the van, had lunch which was veggies and dip with raw almonds and chocolate chips! Oh hush ...that covered all the food groups didn't it? Then time for little fellas nap and schooling for Grace. Then off to school to pick-up Ellabell and attend her schools Spring Fling event (also from henceforth called: Empty Out You Wallet Day event). Got home attempted to begin dishes and laundry...only to collapse and call the hubby to beg him to please bring home something to eat. I had prepared 44 meals straight (yes I know I am awesome)...and I DID NOT want to cook. So Chicken bowls w/ rice and grilled zucchini it was!!YUMO!!! Sorry veggie lover friends... But that chicken was GOOD!!!...Then tossed the family I could continue to clean dishes and do the laundry. Pretty normal I'd say....RIGHT?... It was then that I realized...Oh NO It's calling for rain... and not just any's calling for a BIG RAIN...with lites and big booms and lats uh wahya!!! Toddler talk for a crap load of water....therefor...I went into Save The Broccoli mode!!!...Now; word to the wise or not so wise....should your wife ever turn to you and say..."Honey cut the bottoms off of these 8 plastic 2 liters and then cover each of my newly planted Broccoli plants up with them;"....just smile and do it!!! Just do it!!! I mean honestly its not that bizarre! (Is it?)...Then I returned yet again to wash dishes... It was in just that moment that I was looking out my back window and was blessed to see three of the happiest little faces all squealing with pure two of them rode the garden wagon down our bumpy muddy rocky back side-yard...while the other one pulled it along...for extra speed!!! I stopped what I was doing and continued to watch as they did this time and time again!...Then little man lost focus and got off the wagon only to run gleefully through the back yard that is a good 9 inches high in grass and dandelions. He then picks up a stick and begins to run zig zag through the yard diligently beating the snot out of each and every dandelion head, making fluffy flying seeds fly off in every direction. Next years supply of dandelions successfully assured to return!...And as I watched a tear fell from the corner of my eye and I thought to my self...."This is the best...and maybe ...just maybe I do not do every thing wrong."...Maybe my husband and I do not get everything right...but for sure we ARE BLESSED! And we sure did make 3 of the cutest rockinest awesomesaucinest children...who I hope grow up someday to know that they are loved an adored beyond measure by me and their daddy, and by their father and creator. Meanwhile normal walks back into the house and proudly announces, not only did I cover each broccoli plant once but twice in fact thanks to little knuckle head who ran through and knocked them all off the first time ...just for the fun of your Broccoli are safe!!!....Thanks rock!!!!..And by the way....I love you! Hmmm? No I think perhaps normal is more than just is a blissful BLESSING! So pardon me while I go finish those dishes and ...obviously to blog!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where is God in a Crisis?

I know you have been there...we all have. And if it truly was a CRISIS, you may have wondered where is God now! Why would God do this? How could he allow this? How could he turn his back? Why would he turn his back? Why? Why? WHY? And then some may go further wondering if there really is a God. Yes you have screamed it have I. So where is he? At the exact moment when you become aware that you ARE having a HS(holy shit) Balls moment..where is he? To answer that question you will have to decide...point blank...IS there a God! (And that is a whole nother blog post!!) But as for me... my answer is YES! So we'll just go with that!!!
Well then where is he during that unimaginable moment when utmost fear hits you like a ton of bricks on your head and heart? When you are having a miscarriage? When you are riding down some highway at 75 mph with you child in the back of an ambulance? When the most important person in the whole world says they DO NOT love you? Or worse when that most important person dies? When you realize what everyone is telling you is true and your child is sick with a chronic illness that is never going to go away? now where is He?
Turn with me to Jeremiah 29:11; now read verses 10 to 15. One of my favorite sayings in my home is "He's the man with plan and I am just trying to stay on his agenda! Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Ok Ok so there are 2 things you must first decide; is there a God and is the Bible the word of God. Now turn to 2 Timothy 3:16-17 "All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching , rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for EVERY good work. So if you are really in then are going to actually have to grapple with 1 more decision...Is the Lord...your Lord! And that my friends is...yep you guessed it ...a whole nother blog post...and of course a decision You have to make! Soooo? Are you in yet? Awesome; now turn back to Timothy. If God knows the plans he had for you then ...He has A PLAN!!!! Can you imagine a plan for all of us! You just went there didn't you? You were not suppose to do that!!! Ok so can you alter His plans...In my opinion and it is opinionated at best...yes you can! There seems to be biblical evidence of yes and no...much due to the fact that we do have freewill to make choices and do as we wish so to speak...And with that my answer to Where IS HE?...IS....He has already been there! He is in front of you! He already knew! He knew and he planned for that. He knew each and every thought you had and he planned all of your paths. All of them...which in my opinion would lead to believe there are many paths and it is up to us to follow and stay on the path. He is LOVE and NO he does not want you to hurt. But he does want you! Yep You! And he does have his ways! Are you still in Timothy?...Now read Jeremiah 29:12-14 again...We'd never pray if there was nothing to pray about ...would we????
Just for more thought...Wonder if the Blessings are in the sufferings...perhaps they come in rain drops, perhaps they come in a thousand sleepless nights, perhaps the come in joy and in those unimaginable moments of pain and sorrow...Perhaps his blessings are exactly that...blessings! If I had of known his plan for me and my life ahead of them occurring... I would have never known the sweetness of my unanswered prayers... Yes Yes Yes! He is there and you are in the palm of his hands!

Friday, January 28, 2011

So....What's UP???

Ok so here is what I have been up to...Don't get too excited...well just yet anyways. To be honest I have been in some what of a crisis mode ever since November 19th. I was just thinking today. I was thinking how marvelously God designs us...We just go on auto pilot in an emergency or crisis. In this case I turned HIM on and LEFT the room!!!( But more about that later) I'd like to say we are not in a crisis anymore...but this would not be true...I am still struggling...Grace is still struggling and Ella is still struggling...This is going to be a long journey...And don't be surprised come spring you will probably be hearing alot about Team Paw!
My mind has been in a constant whirl. On medical information overload! I have also been digging deep into ME...and it is not as pretty as I would like for it to look. Christmas rolled on by and then New Year's followed...Somewhere in there we celebrated 2 family birthdays with 2 more tomorrow! And wow it is almost February! I did remember to start school back up and the girls and I are smoothly up and running again in the academics; along with the addition of total chaos provided by Mr.Rutabaga...We are back on schedule in fact because there are no such things as snow days at this academy...unless snow is involved during recess; which it does when ever there is snow. And with all that we began a new year...2011!
I did not make any resolutions....Oh wait I think I did...yes it was to stay off FB and spend more time with the family. Well that lasted all of 5 minutes..I live with them 24/7 right? Plus I find blogging and responding to friends and family an incredible chance to minister too but more so to love on and I love to love on people. But I have found myself lacking in many areas so I have added a few things to my life...Like I needed to add...but yes sometimes you do need too. I added more Bible study, more family time, more husband time. I joined or linked up to 2 online Bible studies. I have had the pleasure of beginning new relationships with many new and AWESOME women. God lead me to them and God lead them to me. Ineeded some uplifting and inspiration and he provided that. I am looking forward to this new phase of learning and loving to continue for a very long time. This year I also heve a new encouragement sister to love on...that's going to be fun! In truth I am in a big changing and evolving phase. I am not sure exactly where I am or where I am going. But God does and I think I am ok with that....NO I know I am ok with that! He has the plan and He has me in the palm of his Yeah...I'm all good!!! I hope so very much that you are as well. And I hope all of you will hang in there with me and take this walk along side of me. I love holding hands.

I'm Not A Very Good Blogger....

Hi...Yes I am here...but I suck...I am not the best blogger now am I??? Don't answer that! LOL!!! OK So I have been doing lots and lots of stuff and not blogging. I plan to tell you about some of my happening this week end...and I am working on a little something special tittled..."Where is God In A Crisis???? And "In My Daughter's World" so hang in there with me... I also think I will start to add a bit of fluff and stuff since I seem to see other blogger's doing that when they have writers block!!!So tell me what you would like to see and I will added it to the thinking pot. I was thinking of adding some recipes entitled...sorry don't have a title!!! But was thinking some cool 5 ingredient or less recipes...because who has the money or the time to find more than that!!!??? Oh and a certain "Bible man" is suppose to be getting back to me on some scriptures and he has left me hanging so I am pulling them out with my teeth ...and boy are those Bible pages fragile!!! Not too tasty either....So Love to all and thanks for being here...when you could be there!!! Oh wait you are there...but here too...OK Whatever...Love ya!!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hotspots on Your Heart

Hello...I have so missed you (my dearest 2 followers)!!! I talk like I have hundreds of readers because I have high hopes for 2011!!! Anyways, 2010 is gone....and here is 2011!
With every New Year comes that moment (at least for me) that you take a good look at your self and think, "self...what are you going to do with yourself?" And like many women and men too( as least for me) I think, "what am I going to do with this mess of a house!" I do not make New Year's resolutions. THEY are made for breaking! I do however take a bit of a "time-out" and think on some areas where I might need improving. This year I decided I needed to spend less time on the Internet and FB and more time with the family. Well that lasted all of about 2 days because DUH... I home school my kids! I am with my family 24/7!!! But still I need to give them more quality time without me being distracted and involved. For example, I am helping Ella with her Math and Language Art workbooks right now as I am typing this Blog. Multitasking yes but quality attention NOT. So its something I need to work on. Since Grace has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and now we have also been told that she has an under active Thyroid; well I/we are going to have lots of medical appointments. But besides that I have 2 other children, a husband, and a home to care for. I also like to care for others in any way that I can. So with all that on my mind I took a good look at my house and my heart. Truthfully, I looked at my heart first...but it does not matter whether you do that first or is simply important that we do look from time to time.
So I looked into my heart and I knew I needed to continue growing spiritually. I also know that for now I have no car available so I can not attend many of my churches weekly (during the week) activities. I also know that I am called to home school so I am excluded from much of my other friends weekly devotions or those quick little rendezvous at the local coffee shop. But my heart aches and I need God and some women folk too from time to time. And not always just from women. I got some wonderful male friends as well. So being the FB junkie and blogger want to be, I jumped on the FB/Blogspots and went looking to see what I could find. I posted on a familiar message board about needing to connect to some women for a possible on line Bible study group/support group...and TADA!! Just a few hours or maybe it was a day or so later, someone contacted me. Then something was tugging on my heart or maybe a someone and while I was browsing more messages on the same message board; I found a lady expressing the same interest in learning more of God's word as I had. So I replied to her post. A couple of days later, we are all "hooked" up with women from around the globe studying out God's ideals of what each women should strive for. AWESOME!!!
With that; along with another on-line study where I will be studying the Book of James and I am set. But then I took the next look and it was at my home and it was my marriage! Ewww!!!! It is not so pretty. And then from across the miles many new and not even really well known(yet) friends started emailing me FB ing me, and in boxing me with support from them as well as what they hoped would be helpful advice and cool sites for me to investigate....And there in a blink of an eye it was....What you say??? It was ...THE FLY LADY!! Oh yeah but first there was THE DATING DIVAS !!!(I'll list the web addresses later) And then there was some talk of hot spots in your home and making lists and on and on and on....I am new at it so I am learning and it may take a long while. But the idea is to work on one spot in your home till it SHINES!!! Everyday till it is completely clean and clutter free! Stay on it! Do not give up. Keep at it till you are satisfied and it SPARKLES!!!
Then today as I was shinning my sink and trying to see if I could lift the stove hood( who knew? that thing raises up so you can "gasp"...clean it) to clean under it, I had this thought...Ummm? It wouldn't be such a bad idea to do this to my heart either. I mean think about it. Seriously, how much better off would each of us be if we picked a "hot"(LOL! HOT/ Hell get it???)( Not necessarily hell as in HELL but painful kinda of hell) spot on our heart and well....cleaned it off!!! Whatever it is..if it is forgiveness, then ask for it, perhaps it is to forgive yourself even. Maybe it is to forgive your husband! Maybe you're not even sure what it is but you know your attitude sucks and something is grinding at your heart and pulling on those mental strings, your emotions or conscience perhaps. Well then get at it! on it, clean it , take a toothbrush to it! Buy some helpful tools(A Bible,or Comet;whichever applies) Don't worry about company coming. Don't worry about all the other piles of garbage and clutter. Pick 1, just 1....and put that SHINE on!!!!Go ahead work on your heart spot .....till it SPARKLES!!!!!!!!