Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Good question. Hmmmm? Let me think on it. Well......I have be hangin on for all it's worth. Sometimes it's simply all I can do to hang on. Somedays are long others short. Some are loud and full of tears...some are silent full of doubt. Some are crazy mommazon get out of my way kind of a days. I'm still here just not sure where it is I want to go....or what I want to do when I get there....and in truth for me sometimes I have to walk away and just listen and wait till I feel HIS spirit and the when and where and what's tend to all fall in place just as they likely would have anyways...So in other words... I have been listening...and doing a whole lot of walking away.
I've's ok to walk away...especially when you know...KNOW things are just not ok with "this" picture...THIS place...this group...this life...this friend...this job...this church...this cattie group...this whatever it is.....Never ever be afraid for you always have someone with you!!! Never be afraid to live and love and simply WALK AWAY!!! And no doubt if you were to walk in the wrong shant be long before you figure that out...So far... I may be lonely but I am dang sure....I walked when I as told to I'm all good!!!....And I can not wait to see what is on the path just up ahead. Shoot I may just up and make a run for it!!!! Sometimes walkin is for sissy's!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I Love...

I love sleeping in...despite a very determined little boy's attempts to get me up and awake. I love chocolate! Thanks Rigo! I love homeschooling...or not and going to the park. I love free drinks at Sheetz and seeing my mom and my aunt. Score! More chocolate!!! Let's just forget about it being the chocolate I bought her last month for her birthday. I love digging in my garden dirt. it when the hubby comes home early from work and...there is NOTHING wrong. Love me a funny and spot on Valentine's Day card! Thanks Roberto! I am in love with sweet potato pancakes. I even made two in the shape of hearts! NO ONE was too impressed!!
I love having some one help with the yard work. Big nasty ugly green prickly bush has been removed from the back yard. On with the next yard improvement project! (Sorry Rob...still have not found any clippers) However, I could use some. Love me some kids who work together to remove a tick from the family pet. Love that the hubby washed up the evening dishes. But folks I really love it...when a certain young man volunteers to re-write or copy over one of Grace's writing assignments...thereby doing an awesome job and finishing an English assignment...he never knew he even had. Score for Rigo on a proof reading assignment! Love it when little kids go to bed early...because they want  to be awake and ready to go early in the morning to their Robotics class and Book Publishing class, that is an hour and 10 minutes drive away!!!
I really love my God who makes all things possible. HE clearly loves me, because he made it possible for me NOT to kill my husband when he accidentally tossed the water from the toilet plunger all over the back of my night gown and feet this evening. Of course in all fairness, I was probably too busy screaming; "OMG OMG how am I going to get this off and not have to get it on me or my hair or on any other body part," to really think out a clear plan of death. And there was for sure the threat of throwing up, but why waste pancakes and chocolate? It was then in those next few seconds that I realized as I was cleaning off the back of my heels, Ummm? OMG it is on my floor too!!!!!!!!!!!....Good thing I LOVE my husband; even if he is already asleep AND I got my monthly friendly color coordinated visitor tonight right after all that screaming! Probably why the hubby is asleep! Ya think?....I just LOVE me some VALENTINE"S LOVE!!!
 I am however rethinking the whole toilet bowl plunger holder thingie majiggy thang!!!! I do NOT love it no more!!!NOPE!!! NOPE!!! NOPE!!!!!
Hope you all know what I mean when I say...LOVE your LOVES cause ain't no one else going too!!!!

PS...Now he is snoring...I love that too!!!! I am now however thinking up some sort of fun chinese water torture shaving eyebrow revenge....Maybe I'll draw a big red heart on his forehead and maybe suction the plunger to his cheek for added amusement!!!!!!!!!!Did I mention I LOVIE my husband!!LOL!!!LOL!!!