Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What was I afraid of?

What was I afraid of? There are a lot of UGLY people at the pool! Every year I am faced with same old me. Same size too! Same size for at least the last 11 yrs and wasn't much smaller before then either. My "ladies" were a few sizes smaller and perkier but that's about it! So off to the pool we go... This year I am not wearing my usual black "nursing" bathing suit. Yes they make them...and I bought it when I had Grace! I was wearing my "other " bathing suit...the hot pink one, with plunging neckline and a cute "not-so little" skirt. I also have on the ugliest navy blue t-shirt borrowed from the hubby on... to cover up with!!!LOL!!! As if no one is going to see me now! I have on the magic cover up t-shirt!!!....The family and I had a really good but short lived time. Short lived for 2 reasons: 1) We did not go till 4 as that was the time the prices dropped. Thus the swim lasted only 1 hour and 45 minutes. 2) And also short lived because Ella got sick immediately afterwards. Regardless of this; we had very pleasant time together. That does not happen much for this family. Sooooo while swimming I naturally did a bit of "people" watching! WAY more fun that looking at peopleofwalmart.com!!! Seriously what am I embarrassed about? All my major parts were inside my bathing suit and all was accounted for! Wow what some people deem is good to go is AMAZING!!!! One very attractive young girl was wearing a very "hot" pink 2 piece number. Only problem was I honestly have no idea how she picked up her girls and stuffed them in! Another lovely elderly lady with a "dark" tan was in a leopard type one piece. All was well except for the fact that she had NO teeth! There were at least 5 other women and a couple of men who by far weighed more than me! Now I just estimated that of course. I did NOT walk up to them and ask. I am not stupid...besides I did not want to burst their bubbles and let them know I weighed less than they did. Because I know they were looking at me too!
For sure I had to remind my husband of that Bible verse about the guy needing his eyes gouged out for looking at things he should not. Don't' ask me where it is...its in there!!!!...And then it was during this fun and entertaining moment that I thought two things;Yes 2...that's a good simple number you know. So first thought...Wow God is AMAZING he made lots of different kinds of people. And ......2) What the crack am I afraid of...there are LOTS of UGLY people at the pool. And...wait maybe there was 3 thoughts....3) All my cracks were covered! So go on...go to the pool this summer regardless of all that fluffy stuff keeping you company in that 10 yr old bathing suit! Everyone else has got some too...just all in different colors and sizes!!!! God loves ya just the way YOU are...because he made you that way. And we all know God does not make NO JUNK...regardless of size! Go on do a CANNONBALL! I dare you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Killed enough Ants Today To Have a Sidedish For Supper!

Sure enough I killed ants today in amounts...seriously abnormal for even my less than perfect home! And yet there were so many more fun and interesting things I did today!....And you thought with a blog tittle like mine...I aught to be doing things right! Nope not today...today I am just me. And the me that is has been doing all kinds of fun things....None of which will ever win me the Mother of the Year award or get me voted into the PTA board. Hmmm? Do they still have PTA's? Someone let me know? But again...not like I am going to be running for it's President!

So first off I woke my school kid up at 6:30 this morning for a dose of Ibuprofen... so I could send her to school for her last 3 hours!...Oh hush!!! Yes I did... I so wanted her to get to say good bye to her teachers and friends and bring her first year(she only attended a half year) of attending public school to a proper ending! But in my defense; now you know you did something when you are coming to your own defense, her fever broke last night at 10 pm and she was not feverish this morning. The medicine was for her sore thoat! Yes I know I just nailed the coffin lid...But none the less, she went and did fine, and came home in grand style. I bought her an ice- cream cake!!!
Oh NOW I remember why I did not post this at the time....A friend of mine went to work/school and some kid showed up with what was believed to be strep throat after the mother just gave him/her some meds and sent them on their way.. WHO would do such a thing!!! Anyways she FB about it and I decided that my confession was not a well timed one! Trust me you do not want to get on this ladies bad side!!!...But THAT kid was not my kid...mine went to a different school....well for a little while anyways!!!....Come ON it was the last day of school!!!!!!!She HAD to go!!!!....Consider this an online apology for anyone who had their summer vacation start of with some sort of....sore throat!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Bud's for you and all you do!!!

The King of Beer is coming through! What? I mean The Queen of Cheer is here for YOU!!!! That commercial has not aired in years..... Don't ask why it came to mind when I was trying to think of a Blog topic....And with that....(Having absolutely nothing to do with the above title)

Was washing dishes a while ago...like for the tenth time today!!! And was yet again thinking about Grace and her diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Sorry forgive me...but I am a MOM and well I so just do NOT want this for her. Not unlike any mother who wants to make all the boo boos better! I so want to change this. I so want to make her all better. Who am I kidding I would take it on me in a moment... If that is what God had planned. Of course if God had that planned then it would be me and not her....And the other horrid lingering fact is both siblings are have more than a 75% chance of developing Type 1 Diabetes too....So its like I am living with never know. But then again do I want to know Gods Plans??? Seriously If we knew what the plan was...we would forever be trying to change it. Good or Bad we would live our life trying to avoid the bad and hurry up and get to the good parts. ...But for sure I know Gods plan.....he plans to prosper me and not to harm me! Right? Well Yes!!!...But WOW what is his thinking? Wow What is he doing????....I do not know every detail.....BUT OH MY OH MY it is going to be AWESOME!!!

But for now...this is my life:

5:45 am....Wake up pray, read, or....try to sleep just 45 more minutes.
6:30 Feed the chickens, and try to figure out something to fix/cook for breakfast.
6:45 Wake up husband and start cooking breakfast.
7:00 Say good morning to the girls and continue cooking.
7:15 Get Ella up for Breakfast and school. ( Because she has fallen back to sleep)
7:30 Feed everyone but Grace breakfast! Brush Ella's hair. Pack up Ella's Book bag.
( Grace is still snoozing!....Not an early riser for sure)
7:45 Come up with something for husbands lunch, pack it and toss it to him.
7:50 Listen to Jasper SCREAM as Ella and DADDY leave out the drive way.
8:00 Change Jasper's diaper and get him dressed. Load everybody's dishes into a sink full
of the first of MANY piles of dishes and some warm soapy water!
8:10 Call to Grace to respond to me: Grace WAKE UP! Grace respond to me!( Hmmm? No
answer.) Grace I need you to wake up and respond to Mommy!!! ! 1, 2, 3...NO response!
Take deep breath, pray, run to her room shake her senseless and scare the crap right out of
her and poke/prick her finger to get a glucose reading...The first of about 7 each day!!!
Praise God out loud that she is ok and was just simply still sleeping soundly. Reading was
8:30 Give Grace her breakfast....which she gets to warm up herself since I fixed it an hour ago.
But Thank-you Jesus she is alive and breathing and not in a coma...So I do not fuss too
much...Plus she gets to take the 1st insulin shot of the day...FUN NOT!
9:00 Household chores, FB, talk and cozy up on the couch with Jasper and Grace.
9:15 Boot Grace off the couch to go wash her face, brush teeth, get dressed, and brush her hair.
9:30 Begin school with Grace and Jasper.....
10:30 Give Grace a 1 - 2 carb count snack ( 30 carb grams or less) Then it is time for her to do
some school work on her own. Change Jasper's Diaper...and play with him.
11:30 Review Grace's work. Discuss any on going projects, and or any corrections that need to be
made on her work. Brainstorm with her regarding lunch options. Check her glucose
levels. (Prick #2) During this time I am trying really hard to keep Jasper from doing un-
repairable damage to the computer and plumbing!!!
12:00 Administer Insulin and share lunch with Grace and Jasper. Put dirty dishes in sink with
fresh soapy water ( Round #2) Pray that Jasper will go to sleep for LONG nap!!!
12:30 Take Jasper and get him down for his nap. Oh Please Oh Please!!!!!!
12:45 (Am I boring you yet?) Finish eating my lunch and try to figure out whether I took a
shower this morning or not. (NOT...That explains that smell and gross feeling or....
maybe I just put Jasper to sleep with poop in his diaper! I am a horrible MOM!)
1:00 Begin the afternoon session of schooling with Grace.
2:15 Finish up what schooling we are working on. Check Grace's insulin...( Finger stick
#3!) Give Grace and Jasper a quick snack and load them up in the van to go get Ella from
3:00 Return home with Ella and crew all on board and with any luck not bottoming out or
blowing up the sugar ricture scale...which is anything over 220!

I wrote this one day a few months back...thought it was still worth sharing...Life is a bit smoother now....well sometimes it is!!!! But this is life! And I am a gonna life it!!!