Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween..... yes we "celebrate" that!...What is that? Well I have never put much thought to it. It has always been just something us crazy Americans do. Oh wait...they do it in other countries too. Don't they? Like I said never once thought about it ...till I became a parent. OK and even then it took oh I don't know...years into it...for me to go---Duh what the crack am I doing. What is this all about? Is it safe? What am I teaching them? ...And thus as any home school Mom would do ...we researched!!...And decided....well I do not know if we ever really made a deciding decision...but we do go trick or treating. Last year oddly enough we just simply did not. I was tired and frazzled and ..well just tired and cranky with life in general last year and for some weird unknown reason besides all that...we just did not. This year we did. We visited my former Kindergarten teacher, My aunt, and many friends and was FUN. Simply was FUN! Truth is...only thing that ever matters is what is on or in your heart and how you represent the one that created you. Now we can go along in life and say...oh well lets do will be fun...and claim nothing is wrong with that. But in more truth... is that true?...NO! So can you bring God glory dressed up as a Jedi warrior?....OH YES YOU CAN!!!!! You can have a clean and clear heart and have fun and show his Glory through yours...Did you smile, did you say your TY's? Did you hug and kiss your relatives? Did you meet new people and make some new friends? Were you kind and thoughtful..even to the lady that gave you an apple...instead of that giant Hershey bar you were wanting? How did you behave in regards to those other "crazy" drivers? Did you ring the old ladies doorbell 4 times...just because you liked the way it sounds and you have never rang a doorbell before? Did you dance a jig at the sight of the dancing skeleton? ...Well did a fine job....and gave glory where glory was due!
So how did we do our first Halloween with a T1 on board? Well it went kind of like this....
Are you dressed? Is everyone one dressed? Take some pictures Dad! Hurry everybody load up in the van! Have you got your bag GRACE???? What is your glucose level? Ok we are off!....Pitt stop at Dollar Tree for some of those glow stick thingamajigs! Now good lets go!....Wheel in behind car 20 and roll with it! House number 6...Mom can I have some candy? What's ya sugar? Awe! MOM!!!!!!!!!!! OK good You get one piece go for it!...3 More houses...MOM can I have some candy! Yes you are walking and exercising! Go for it! 4 more houses...Mom can I? GRACE slow down on the sweets...Pace yourself...Meanwhile mom and Dad are secretly dumping all 3 kids stashes into the diaper bag...For later of course!...5 More houses... I am hungry ..I am thirsty! Ok So what is your sugar level! THIS SUCKS!!! yes it does...What is your level? Ok half of one candy bar and you must save the rest for later...Umm can I have the chips instead? Yes but no more? Finish off the last of a bazillion houses...restroom trip and diet drink at the local gas station...and headed home! ( She had drank all her water)...get home...MOM can I have...Goodness night NO...But MOM...Loud whimpering...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!What is our glucose reading...Mom I have checked it a bazillion times!!!! yes I know...what is your read? Can I please??????!!!!!!!! Take your insulin! Now ONLY ONE TINY PIECE!!!!! Everyone into their pj's! I do not feel good!!!! OK let's see what the problem is!!!! Ya think ?Really? OK more insulin in and go to bed! And now all is still and all are asleep....Sorry Grace got to see if you are back down under 180! AGAIN...yes again!!!...Mom and daughter CRY together!And so I wait to see what her read is in another hour! Last read was 154....we topped out at 303!!!!!! Yes 303!.....Life is never ever going to be the same...but for as long as I can let her be a kid I am going to do that!.....And I am going to lay odds on having to give her a piece of candy or two in about an hour...because we likely over corrected and she is likely going to drop too low....Honestly, I do not have an instruction book and I am doing the best I can.....BUT for SURE we had FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you did too...!!!!!!!!