Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What makes me Happy...?

Sometimes it is the little things that make me happy. But wait..let's back up. HAPPY...happy is just a word. And as far as I know...we are only entitled to pursue it ...as if it is a destination like the beach or something. BEACH...ok ok...yes there may get you close to happy!!!LOL!!! But lets be honest...I am very thankful for living in a country where happy can actually happen. For some of us anyways....So back to those little things!....What things make you happy? Make and happy....yep I really don't think they go together!
There's not been a lot of happy in my life and yet I am a pretty friendly happy person. Got me a purdy good attitude and personality ! (If I do say so myself) Don't know how that is considering my upbringing and circumstances. But I have never been one to let no be no or to let unhappy hold me down for very long....For truth I owe some of it to my Grandpa Marion and my Granny Alma!!!
Soooo with out yet another delay...the little things that make me giggle are.... The fact that I just taught Jasper to pee on the porch!!!...That Grace actually had a good time at a Dr's. office today. All the household bills being paid on time. Children that laugh. A friend's mother ( who just had a heart attack) was able to brush her teeth today. That my evangelist is out and about sharing the "word" when I am here in the home building the kingdom. When my life and my attitude along with my personality is a letter of hope and perseverance for those around me and for those to see...at all these Dr. Offices!!!!. Lately Almond Milk and Coconut milk have made me happy!!! A bit of coffee on the side!.. Being able to spend time in my child's co-op class really watching and loving and learning with them. Peaking in on the other 2 anytime I like! Sneaking chocolate chips into my evening routine...after the kids are all asleep! I ain't sharing!!!! Smelling fresh cut grass...and secretly that it make the rest of my family sneeze...(Sorry its just funny!) well except when an asthma attack follows. My broken down used and borrowed recliner! Watching any sun rise or sunset for that matter. Seeing my son curled up in his father's lap...while they both snore!! LOUDLY!!! Seeing a mile long smile when one of my girls succeeds at something. When they don't being able to hold them and help them "shake" it off. Making my husband dance in his underwear...outside...while I take pictures! (Hey he is the one that decided to go outside in his undies with out his keys!) Secretly taking my dear sweet time going to get my child a drink of water when they have done something dumb...like suck on an ink pen!! Yes I at times can be one sick puppy! However I am laughing...and laughing hard...which makes me happy. And in turn is making me giggle more because I know for sure I am going to pee myself! Welcome to turning 40! And here's to all of you who are also going to have to go change your clothes!!! Love ya and yes you all make me Happy!!!....