Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love the way HE holds me!!!

Why is it that we feel so much better wrapped up in our favorite blanket? My husband recently took on a part time night job. For four nights he worked third shift while I held down the fort at night and during the day while he slept. Each night the kids would whine and whimper about not feeling safe. I cuddled and comforted them the best I could and encouraged them to pray. Truth is however; I didn't feel too awful safe either. One night I wrapped up in my favorite old blue blanket. Jasper snuggled in under one side with me and I put my big "stick" and cell phone over on the other side. Like I could actually take on an intruder with a dumb old stick!!! Really it is not a stick more so a 2 1/2 foot long club! But still not likely going to take anyone out. So I get all comfy in the recliner, plop an almond milk filled zippy cup in Jasper's mouth and reside my self to stay awake long enough to get Jasper into his own bed and to check Grace's glucose levels around midnight or so. Meanwhile the girls have resided to sleeping together because like if there is two of them...then they can take on the world; or so they think!

With in about 15 minutes Jasper has slurped down his milk and has handed me he cup. He then snuggles down and insists I read Good Night Moon and Noah's Ark. I read and he is content. I finish up reading and look over to notice that like magic my little boy is asleep. Not just any sleep...sound asleep! He is leaned over to the side with slobber oozing from the corner of his mouth! Limp as a wet noodle. Naturally I spend just a few moments enjoying this precious site because someday very soon he will no longer be my little boy. And it was while I was soaking and basking in this tearful yet BEAUTIFUL experience that I thought to myself; that is exactly how we should all feel at the end of the day. Complete, content, warm, cozy, happy, secure, safe, and drooling down the side of OUR Father's arm!!!!
Why in the world I did not post this the day I wrote it I will never know!!!....It's a short and GOOD one!!!...So enjoy! OH YES I managed to link a song to the Title of this click it and you get a BEAUTIFUL song!!! Now you can really enjoy!!!!

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