Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Canned Bacon

Canned Bacon Yum!!!! Don't you think so? I can not even begin to imagine why not. But believe it or not I did watched a video on how to do this. One of my late night prepper excursions. Heard of them crazy preppers yet? No ? Google it! Have fun!!! I'll post on prepping later or sooner or later...like maybe some day. But for now just know YOU can CAN BACON!!!!!! Also when the crap hits the fan as the preppers like to say ...the bacon may or may not be located at my house. I'd say not till I get a pressure cooker and some money to buy that bacon by the pound at the meat market! Got to thinking what my 3 favorite things would be to stockpile you know just in case. Not anything that would make sence exactly. Just my comfort gotta have things. Don't worry I have already freaked out and started stock piling Grace's insulin. Thank you very much patriot nurse. Yes you can google her too. She is a spit fire and right on the mark most of the time; in a wacked kind of way!!!
So back to the topic. WHAT IS THE TOPIC?....Oh yes...my top 3 gotta haves.
3. Bacon
1. Toilet paper! Duh!!!!

What is your top 3? Let me know?....Also what does the Bible say about this prepper stuff? Anybody know? Go look! Yes you! Go!!!! I finally figured out how to respond back to your messages so message away!

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