Sunday, May 13, 2012

What would it be?

What would it be like? What would the world be like with no love? While driving in the rain this evening I began to wonder just how horrible things would be with NO love. As I gazed on endless examples of love in a world that some say is going to hell in a hand basket to begin with, I really WHAT would IT be like?
Would cave men have ever bothered with a fire? Would a mother even think to lean over a pick up her new born child? Or perhaps she'd just leave it laying there, too bothered by the thought of carrying and caring for another one of "those"!  Wait what would caring even look like? Ummm... there would be NONE! Without love nothing would have ever evolved. And I really don't care where you think we came from or what you think we came from. Just think on it for while. Think NONE zero no no no LOVE. No momma daddy seahorse. No lion with any sense of Pride. Funny or not think on this...if and I so say if...if we came from some blob of an organism...well what if "it" never loved it on dry land!
I looked out in a murky parking lot and surely I could see hate and disgust. But there was so much love. What if that elderly women never cared to tenderly hold her husbands' hand? Would a father ever shield his child from the rain? Would a grandma run screaming at her grandchild that bolted free in a busy parking lot? Would we even look at each other? Would we even really exist? Don't even get me started on the crime or pollution rates. I did not even want to go there. But if you do...think about it long and hard. What if there was no LOVE.
There would certainly be no weddings regardless of your orientation! No college education. No vacations or even staycations. No healthcare. Zip help of any kind!  Then the tears began to roll and I thought oh my what one ever loved. No one ever spoke truth because with out love there is no truth. No truth...led me to ... NO Father!! Which led me back to what if he never loved me. Then there would be NO SON. And that is where I stopped because...well because that was just too scary for me!! No really it was it gave me the weebie geebies!!! No love......Hmmm? What would it be like?

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  1. I for one am certainly glad that we don't even have to wonder.