Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Not A Very Good Blogger....

Hi...Yes I am here...but I suck...I am not the best blogger now am I??? Don't answer that! LOL!!! OK So I have been doing lots and lots of stuff and not blogging. I plan to tell you about some of my happening this week end...and I am working on a little something special tittled..."Where is God In A Crisis???? And "In My Daughter's World" so hang in there with me... I also think I will start to add a bit of fluff and stuff since I seem to see other blogger's doing that when they have writers block!!!So tell me what you would like to see and I will added it to the thinking pot. I was thinking of adding some recipes entitled...sorry don't have a title!!! But was thinking some cool 5 ingredient or less recipes...because who has the money or the time to find more than that!!!??? Oh and a certain "Bible man" is suppose to be getting back to me on some scriptures and he has left me hanging so I am pulling them out with my teeth ...and boy are those Bible pages fragile!!! Not too tasty either....So Love to all and thanks for being here...when you could be there!!! Oh wait you are there...but here too...OK Whatever...Love ya!!!!!!!

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