Friday, April 15, 2011

Save The Broccoli ! ...Save the Broccoli!

I was just thinking....(no comment from the peanut gallery here)...sometimes normal is really cool! But that was not a very good title so I had to come up with something else! Hence...Save The Broccoli!!!...But that will make more since later! I promise it will.... It's been a long day for me...the alarm clock rang in at 5:45 this morning. I crawled out of bed dragging my blanket with me and realize my husband is in the recliner and has never gone to bed...and he has a pint sized toddler all curled up in his lap!... I ooh and awe for a moment and then I say, "Dear...Dear...DEAR!!! get out of my chair...and by the way your alarm clock just went off!" It was that kind of a morning and I was SLEEPY!!! Took one kid to school, took another to a therapy appointment, and called to check in on the hubby and the little man. Whom was my far giving Daddy a run for his money and was so looking the part for their activity at the time. Needless to say little man had peed himself and was running around in only a shirt and diaper. Got home unloaded the van, had lunch which was veggies and dip with raw almonds and chocolate chips! Oh hush ...that covered all the food groups didn't it? Then time for little fellas nap and schooling for Grace. Then off to school to pick-up Ellabell and attend her schools Spring Fling event (also from henceforth called: Empty Out You Wallet Day event). Got home attempted to begin dishes and laundry...only to collapse and call the hubby to beg him to please bring home something to eat. I had prepared 44 meals straight (yes I know I am awesome)...and I DID NOT want to cook. So Chicken bowls w/ rice and grilled zucchini it was!!YUMO!!! Sorry veggie lover friends... But that chicken was GOOD!!!...Then tossed the family I could continue to clean dishes and do the laundry. Pretty normal I'd say....RIGHT?... It was then that I realized...Oh NO It's calling for rain... and not just any's calling for a BIG RAIN...with lites and big booms and lats uh wahya!!! Toddler talk for a crap load of water....therefor...I went into Save The Broccoli mode!!!...Now; word to the wise or not so wise....should your wife ever turn to you and say..."Honey cut the bottoms off of these 8 plastic 2 liters and then cover each of my newly planted Broccoli plants up with them;"....just smile and do it!!! Just do it!!! I mean honestly its not that bizarre! (Is it?)...Then I returned yet again to wash dishes... It was in just that moment that I was looking out my back window and was blessed to see three of the happiest little faces all squealing with pure two of them rode the garden wagon down our bumpy muddy rocky back side-yard...while the other one pulled it along...for extra speed!!! I stopped what I was doing and continued to watch as they did this time and time again!...Then little man lost focus and got off the wagon only to run gleefully through the back yard that is a good 9 inches high in grass and dandelions. He then picks up a stick and begins to run zig zag through the yard diligently beating the snot out of each and every dandelion head, making fluffy flying seeds fly off in every direction. Next years supply of dandelions successfully assured to return!...And as I watched a tear fell from the corner of my eye and I thought to my self...."This is the best...and maybe ...just maybe I do not do every thing wrong."...Maybe my husband and I do not get everything right...but for sure we ARE BLESSED! And we sure did make 3 of the cutest rockinest awesomesaucinest children...who I hope grow up someday to know that they are loved an adored beyond measure by me and their daddy, and by their father and creator. Meanwhile normal walks back into the house and proudly announces, not only did I cover each broccoli plant once but twice in fact thanks to little knuckle head who ran through and knocked them all off the first time ...just for the fun of your Broccoli are safe!!!....Thanks rock!!!!..And by the way....I love you! Hmmm? No I think perhaps normal is more than just is a blissful BLESSING! So pardon me while I go finish those dishes and ...obviously to blog!!!!

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