Monday, December 12, 2011

Some "Good" For You foods!!!

Today I conquered the Greek Yogurt!...Nostimo Vanilla Greek Yogurt+ Agave Syrup+ Pumpkin Fax Granola = Yum! NO...= I could swallow it without gaging!!! While I was not gagging this yummy 14 grams of protein down I made a list of nasty good for you foods!
So here is Michelle's Top 12 Good For You NASTY Foods:(in order from tolerable to down right barf worthy all according to me)
12. Whole Wheat Bread...of any kind
11. Fresh lean "meat" protein
10. Fresh Lemon Lemon opposed to bottled lemon lemon water
9. Plant based "beans" protein
8. Low sodium Almonds or any nuts in general
7. Salads...not slathered in ranch dressing
6. Non carbonated Drinks
5. Greek yogurt
4. Raw and or Fresh or canned tuna of any kind!!!
3. Canned Chicken
2. Dark Chocolate
1. Avocado which I find slimy and repulsive as does my friend Jessica!!!

But I chop that Avocado slimy crap up into a salad and slather it in other veggies and some as in a little bit of ranch dressing!...Gulp it is in and gone....and I do not have to eat it again till...the next week!!!! Now besides the above foods I am eating dried fruits, fresh fruits and steamed fresh veggies or stir-fried fresh veggies....So there ya have it... In order of least to most NASTY!!!...Feel free to save me from myself and add any foods you dislike to my list so I can be fully warned!!! Consider yourself warned......Dark Chocolate is just WRONG!!!!!!! And when I am all skinny someone please bring me some Hershey's Milk Chocolate!!!!!!!

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