Saturday, December 24, 2011

What I have Learned!

In six weeks I have learned: ( In order by the week I learned them In )
1. I will NOT die if I take a walk!
2. Yes you can rip you belly off! And the right shoes make a world of Difference! (Shoe issue not related to belly issue!)
3. Yeast infections are Horrible and puking in your sink is not nearly as horrible as...that yeast infection!
4. Dropping a weighted medicine ball on your "pelvic" bone...HURTS!
5. Holding your weights over your face instead of our chest...can very well be DANGEROUS!!!Followed closely by...put up all exercise equipment in its proper place...otherwise you WILL stub your toes on those weights and you WILL very likely re- break your toes and some miscellaneous bones in your foot!
6. Having friends and family to share in all your ups and downs...the kind of friends and family that you call family regardless if you live in the same house or not....Makes the best Christmas present I could have!!!! I Love you ALL each and everyone of YOU!!!! Yes YOU!!!!...Also followed by: I will NOT die if I SWEAT!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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