Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cat That Grace Prayed For

A few weeks back Grace traveled with her father to do some of his house inspections. At one of these houses there were some cats. Grace took a fancy to one of the cats and wanted to bring it home. Of course my husband said "NO WAY'"!!! He called me on his way home and I could hear her wailing in the background. Me...being me said, "why did you not let her bring it home"? And thus there was a long discussion via phone as to what were we going to do about this poor child crying like I had never heard her cry since getting diabetes! Well of course her daddy did not go back and get this cat. So Grace, Jasper and "the dad" came home where mass pandemonium reigned. I spend the next hour telling her why she could not have the cat and why we were not going to go back and get it. I did agreed to have her dad go back and check on the cat to make sure it belonged to someone and was not just abandoned. Grace still sobbing returns to her room but calms down and seems to be ok.
Little did I know she went to her room and began to pray for the cat. She prayed for the cats safety and care and for it to know it was loved. She then prays for a cat of her own. You see sister has 2 pets; a guinea pig and a she was feeling left out in the pet owning business. SHE WANTED A CAT!!! And so she continued to whimper and sob in her room for a cat. Meanwhile family life goes on and we have dinner and go on about our usual daily routine. It gets close to bedtime...its dark and Buddy the dog has to go potty. My husband takes Buddy to go potty outside and just as he is about to finish and come in with the dog...he calls me to come outside. There is a certain tone to the call...not alarm but a you ain't going to believe this ...kind of a tone. He brings the dog in and puts him in the kennel and says..."come look!"
It is not every ofter my husband has nothing to say but he simply said..."I think I have been overruled" and then falls silent. Just as I lay eyes on A CAT coming right up the ramp to our house and promptly rubs up against my legs and then goes over to my husband and curls up next to his feet. We obviously both have a NO WAY look on our faces. I asked what are we going to do? I asked if this was the same cat? It is not. I asked if it is possible another cat could have hitched a ride. Not likely they were more than 30 miles out from the house and had made several other stops in between the house with the cat and home. So what do you do?
I came inside and asked Grace to come outside to the porch. She says NO! I call her again and I said..."Oh Grace you are so going to want to come out here right now to the front porch." With tears stains and red splotches still visible on her face...she reluctantly comes out to see me...I point to the front door. She looks confused. I say...I think Daddy and I have been overruled. She looks confused. I then bring her to the door and point to the cat. Her eyes light up like she has just won the lottery and she doesn't even know what a lottery is. She falls to the floor in a flood of tears and amazement. Crying out that..."this is the cat I just prayed for...this is my CAT!" Not even believing my hubby I asked her if she was sure it was not the cat from the house. She assures me the cat from the house was a lot different and no other cat was there that looked like this cat does. She commences to praising God out loud like I for sure have never done. You know the holding nothing back don't care who sees me...kind of THANKING GOD out loud kind of praising GOD that us adults never seem to do know matter how much we say we love and believe in GOD. The way we SHOULD all praise HIM! She then panics and says she needs food for it and a house for it and....on and on and on and on. And so....Esther is currently sunning herself on my front I type!!! Be careful what ya pray for. More so be careful what your children pray for!

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  1. Great story Michelle!! Isnt it funny how God has his own sense of humor/timing about things. I wonder if HE cracked up when you found Esther! I think God loves to give our kids lovely things, I might start mentioning to them my needs and get stuff quicker that way lol.....