Monday, February 27, 2012

Where are ALL the Perfect Christians?

Where oh where are ALL the perfect Christian's? Where is my perfect Christian life?If you are perfect...please stand up!!! Go on you seem to have to have it all and have it all together. You're perfect aren't ya? That's right neither! And today was not a perfect day. And this not so perfect christian blew her blooming top off. Yes I do have a bit of a temper. Self control is one of the fruits I struggle with. Like to have squeezed that little booger till it's head popped off today! Actually no squeezing involved just a nice swat to the head with Jasper's shoe!!! No children where harmed or involved in this momentary lapse of perfectness. Just one of Jasper's shoes... Ok Ok I'd have to add telling lies to the list of my not so perfectness if I said they were not involved or harmed in some way....they live here and have me as there MOM. Some days I wonder what God must have been thinking when he made me and gave me my blessings. Actually most days I wonder WHAT is HE thinking!!!!
So let me be clear this sinner saved by grace is no perfect nothing. Well perfect in the respect that most of us will think of as perfect. Good thing is I am and always will be the apple of HIS eye! Today I'm a bit too ripe and have a few too many sun spots on me...bordering on slightly rotten. Stress does really horrible things to otherwise very sensible people. As some of you know ...we are a NO income family at the moment...and I am stressing. Does stressing and worry mean I have no faith. Really I think NOT! NO because if we thought.."oh well no worry...God's got this...I'll just keep on keeping on." Then we would never ever turn to him. I would never pray and I would never read and I would never seek HIM. Take that as you will...Some of you will take it the wrong way. For sure I know where I am going. That is not the issue. Well I could turn from that and make a different choice. We do have free will and a choice. Let's be clear I choose GOD. It's my choice....but that does not mean I am perfect and have no worries and should not worry. That's just crazy talk when Christians portray themselves as perfect and having no worries. I feel pretty confident that a certain amount of healthy worry brings about good changes that occur only as a result of some very stressful days.
I am aware that Jesus tells us NOT to worry...So could I have this all bet! But the worry I am referring too I liken too the sorrow and anguish kind of worry that Jesus may have felt as he prayed. I mean if you are sweating blood ...I'd say there is a bit of stress! Sorry but yes when other people or circumstances take me off the path I feel the Father has hand picked and planned for me; I'm a gonna worry worry worry till I am back to where I know HE wants me to be...And here in this mess is not of HIS design. Yes I could have that all wrong I could I could...after all I am just an imperfect Christian.
But hey I do know this...Don't get in my face and tell me to shut up. I just may go all unsouthern lady like and take Jasper's shoe after you. Sorta like ya Momma and Daddy use to do when ya did something real wrong and they took a switch after you...that they made you go get. One that if it was not big enough they went and traded it in for a TREE LIMB!!! Seriously if Momma and Daddy or Granny in my case never ever worried how we were going to "turn" out...if they knew, "hey God's got this;" would they have ever bothered to tear ya leg up with that switch?'s because they were WORRIED...that you just might grow up and be...Oh of those imperfect heatherns...or worse an imperfect Christian!
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  1. Oh Michelle, Im with you. I can't be perfect and most days I recognize that . But there is something about Mondays that sometimes makes me forget and I try to get it all together and have perfecttly behaved children a spotless kitchen and I get some exercise in before lunch. Crazy because I have come to the conclusion that its a Monday delusion lol.. 'cause by Tuesday I wake KNOWING there is no way I can get it all done to feel good about myself and so I am so happy God loves imperfect me the same on Monday, Tuesday wednesday and so on......And yes I worry a ton too and thats ok. We are human after all!! Now if I can remember this for next Monday I would be ok! lol....

  2. How did your MONDAY go today??? Take it one day at a time. I'm sure you rocked it!!!...Love ya lots and thanks for reading...Share with friends if ya wish!!!