Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Matthew 18:15-17

While reading Matthew 18:15-17 I came to this conclusion. But first let me share...Matthew 18:15-17; 15. If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you,you have won your brother over. 16. But if not listen, take one or two others along, so that 'every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.' 17. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or tax collector. My first thoughts were OK this is in reference to if  your brother has sinned against a BROTHER. Next thought was did I get accused, did my brother get accused or is this meant to reference the sin of another brother or sister. I am perplexed because the only obvious sin has been against God. So perhaps other scriptures address that.I am so sure there is...but as I am in the middle of this one...so then I'll just add that in on another day and another time and another study. Matthew 18 was tossed so I'll just catch that one and roll with it. Anybody catch Matt. 17??? Yep I did too!!! Sounds horrible doesn't it. And if one just stopped there one would think there were so justified in tossing that one around and so riding it for all it was worth. BUT lets not...lets go on a bit. Humor me.
So my next thought was...Hmmm? So how would one treat their tax collector? How would one treat a PAGAN? Hmmm? Well you can choose to take to roads of thought here. Road 1 leads you to delve into how the peoples of the "bible times" or of that time period in history...would and did treat those with said such  labels and or title. Road 2 would and did for me lead me to wonder well how did JESUS treat the tax collectors and pagans? For those who do not know or understand where this is about to go....let me take you there.  TURN or go google Luke 19. Don't worry go on...I'll wait. Open up two windows you can so do this...or whip out ya Bible. Now  just so you know I hate writing out scriptures. I hate cherry picking at the Bible. And for sure this personal Bible study of mine will continue to go on. There are several cross reference's that I still need to check out. But this is simply too important to leave hanging over and on another sunset. So read it....Jesus dined with the sinner...the tax collector. In this case in point all was well. Jesus shows up the tax collector repents and makes amends...all is well. Now how about the pagans...Well...I simply went to the WELL.  John 4 4-42...a slightly long read...But Jesus talked with her, sat with her, drank from the well water she had drawn. He was gentle. He was well spoken and truthful. Respectful to her at all times. Reassuring even. And then off she goes tells the village all is well.
One would think...as many o Christians do... I would not even hint that all was well. Likely no one is even going to go behind me and read this stuff . I likely have lost what tiny audience I already had. I mean seriously that might give evidence for the other side of this issue. Plus this post is NOT too funny and I had rather make you laugh. But sure enough in both cases there was repentance and forgiveness and life went on. It was good. However, the issue in question...my question to OUR Father...was; so OK how would one treat a pagan or tax collector? YOU will not believe how many reference's God has given us through the example of his son as to how to treat a take collector or non believer. Someone should seriously write a book on it. Oh wait they did. I am not going to quote every quote. There is always a rebuttal and there is surely one here somewhere as well. Shocking or not...we can read and we see what was written just as you. But for at least me and mine and in conclusion...my conclusion....we are going to Walk as Jesus did... (Well you know except for all those mistakes we make...because we are not Jesus.)
And just as an added bonus...that brought me to tears thinking of a dear sister of mine (Sister in Christ kind of sister...and lets just not get going on that in or out of Christ thing). I am still choking up!!! Shocking no less. BUT...just above or right before Matthew 18:15, is the story of the LOST SHEEP. Lord oh Lord in normal circumstances I would never say this...But GO... you go...leave me and go find her. I'll hang out over here with the rest of your flock. Not that this particular flock is in any kind of an agreement as to in what direction we are going to go. But Lord, YOU hold her, and lead her ..you love her. I will not wonder off while you do what you do best. LOVE

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