Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Faithfully in Weeds

I am well aware that God has a plan. He is the only one with a plan that I know of. Yet I do not know of it. And frankly I do not understand it. That is probably a good thing; perhaps it is but still I wonder some days; with all the plans he is planning out is he really working on mine. Is he working for the good and planning and spinning and molding a Divine plan that is at work within our little family. Some days are long and tough...most of them...and yet I am peacefully assured that HE does exist and yes he does have a plan. And for sure we are all in it. But my worries sometimes lie in what part is his part, what is mine and what is of Satan. I wonder out loud and in my silent thoughts how could God be doing this.
Every year for 6...or is it 7 years... I have faithfully gone out side and sat on the lawn and pulled weeds out from in front of my house. One year I tore up what was left of a jagged sidewalk with a promise from my earthly father to build and pour me a new sidewalk. My husband and I even went and spent a fair amount of money to purchase a cement mold and 16 bags of cement. My father never did build me that side walk and I have 16 dried up bags of cement and a muddy grass path to prove it. With those jagged sidewalk pieces I built a little divider of sorts and re laid the bricks one by one down the side of the house. Purposely making a clear divide between yard...and my weeds! And so as fall rolls in and the last of this years warm enough days rolls through....I am yet again pulling weeds. Why you ask...well simple. I have prayed for a load or two of mulch and a load or two or three even of rocks to take care of our gravel driveway and that prayer has yet to be answered. Silly perhaps you say. Probably so...but there has yet to be any leftover money to take care of things I know a needs a doing. One year however, the Lord did send me a new set of garden tools. He sat them right on my front porch. I am not telling a fib here either. I have a hutch who may or may not have helped him out...not that the Lords need any help ...but he does use others in his works and in his plans. So faithfully I know he has a plan. Not just for my weed patch but for me and you. But indeed a plan for my weeds, my house, my life, our lives and life in general.
Sometimes my faith is tested; like when during the winter months of rain one of my kids walks though my living room with mud caked on their feet and thus trailing it behind them. All due to no sidewalk and not mulch. Foolish you think...well again perhaps. But then again one year a few bags of rocks were delivered to help out at the end of the handicap ramp. Those couple of bags of gravel helped with the mud and helped to ease the difficulty of getting my daughters wheelchair up the ramp without the trail of mud. And so I have faith that someday things will look a bit nicer around here. I also know that my faith will be tested time and time again. So it was not surprise today when the phone rang as I was a pulling weeds with a message of not so good news. Heartbreaking news for one of my daughters. My oldest daughter has gone through a lot in her 12 yrs...and now to find out that she is going to have to see a doctor about getting a back brace and as a double hitter she is having medical trouble with her kidneys as a result of her pediatric diabetes. So while pulling weeds I listened to wails of pain and fear and doubt. Faith being tested shows itself in many forms. Today I was asked what could his plan possibly be and why is he doing this. I honestly don't have answers. Well not the ones understandable to a child. Not even understandable by adult standards really.All I know is...I have Faith and a whole yard full of WEEDS. Someday I'll have a flower garden...mulch included. Until then you'll find me every year Spring and Fall....faithfully in the weeds!

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