Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Son

My little man turned 4 today. I never knew I really wanted a son. I never prayed for one. But Mr. J. P. was for sure prayed over. It was an unexpected pregnancy; only in the sense that there was a 6 year gap between him and his older sisters. From the very start, even the Dr. did not think I was pregnant. Yep stupid but true. They did not much believe me when I told them I had miscarried the very month before either. And that was equally dumb. However, 4 months after his arrival..."that" Dr. office called to apologize!!! Ya think. Point blank right from the start they told me to prepare myself  for this child to be unviable! What...? Yep that's what was said. Then when that was OBVIOUSLY wrong; they began to find something wrong at every Dr. office visit. I soon became numb to the mess and flat out said...I DO NOT see it. God's got this! NO we are not aborting and NO amniocentesis!!! I was old and fat and high risk with yep we were doomed according to the PROFESSIONALS!!! So we prayed and our church prayed and our family prayed and our friends prayed....Clear up to prepping be for birth they kept preparing us for the worse. They said because of the diabetes he might "crash". They said his heart was not OK. In came an infant cardiologist!!! Then they said "remember what we said about the spine." If it is open and not formed we are not sure how this is going to go...said the nurse. And in my loveliest calm but screaming the catheter spinal whatever was jabbed in and then out and in again for a second go of it... I said SHUT UP and OUCH.....that HURTS...and Have I not told you people a hundred times GOD HAS....scream again...GOT THIS. Now go get MY HUSBAND and let's do this!!!!! Poor hubby was listening to me moan and scream out in the hallway aka..Daddy holding area!!! ( Also known as the place they put the dads that might puke or perhaps even kick their butts )So....Jasper was born!!!
I did not get to see even more than a smidgen of a glimpse of his tiny face. Yes tiny...they were wrong about that too. They would not tell us a thing...except one nurse turned to I began to hurl my cookies while laying on the cross!!! The "cross" is the contraption or position they strap you down in...both arms straight out . One has the iv...the other the bp cuffs!!! Yep it is a cross board of sorts...and so they had to toss the entire table over to a tilt for me to what I was doing....and continued to do the rest of the night!! Morphine and I do not agree! That one nurse comes over and says to Rob and I, "that boy is perfectly fine...perfectly!" Rob goes over cuts cord...take pics...everybody is cheering and doing the Daddy got his boy high fives..well kinda sorta without actually slapping the hands...Cause they had to keep everything sterile. I go back to tossing cookies while over and over saying...HE's FINE...really HE'S FINE? Of course after all that...and the slip of telling me he was fine...They revert back to well we gonna take him to NICU and observing him and do a in depth examination....PEOPLE....have you not got this YET!! GOD has got this!!!! But wait what about his answer! Hours later he's in my arms and in need of a diaper change....And what do our wondering eyes do see...............???? A scar on his tushie crack! A scar/ dimple of sorts. No not on the sides of his tushie cheeks but right there at the base of his spine just as his crack splits is.... a closed up what was once open spine!!! It was weeks before my hubby and I could really process what we knew right then and there to be. OUR God had indeed GOT THAT!!!!
So baby boy who is no baby no more....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you live a long, healthy, and happy life. May you always find the air pop popcorn popper facinating! May you always love to ride your blue scooter in my kitchen...May you be everything YOU were born to be...called to be destined to be. And....should things get rough and you find your self with those who would disbelieve. Show them your CRACK!!!

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