Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We ARE Expecting....

YES, you just read that right! And does not involve any new rescued four legged friends. The Paul family is expecting. We are expecting BIG BLESSINGS!!! This and so much more. But we are still expecting. However, I with any luck will not be having this one...or these!!!! Don't take that wrong... I have so been blessed but one is all good!!! Yes I do believe one is a rather terrific number. Especially if you are expecting!!! Occasionally multiples are good too.
Confused yet? Still pondering it? That's ok so are we! But none the less we are expecting big blessings because God is a BIG God and although he can do"it" little....he can and DOES do "it" BIG. So despite my little needs and an endless list of things that need to get done we are praying for BIG things. So far things are going just as expected. And really we are ok with that too.
From start to finish...every moment of every day is for us a GOD thang! And if God wants to close the door and change the course we have stepped out in faith to take....well then HE CAN. For now I am "nesting" big time. Every room in my house is in some stage of being scrubbed, reorganized if not remodeled in preparation for our new arrival (s). As the time neared for the arrival of each of my children, I was a CRAZY nesting Mommazon... THIS is so way worse!!!LOL!!! Makes it so much more interesting when you are EXPECTING a visit from DSS!!!! And worse you invited them!!! Who the crack does that!!! No body in their right mind for sure.  Oh DSS? Yes that would stand for Department of Social Services. Talk about some standards to meet. Apparently even God himself does not have standards like these. You know what I mean.......BECAUSE I would not be expecting if he did!!!!...Funny and not so funny all in the same sentence.
Do we have doubts? You bet  we do...a long very long and growing list of them. So don't add to them. We have beat you to the punch. Encouragement is and will always totally very welcome. Yes yes...we thought of that too. See told ya... So folks if you'd like to see or be apart of BIG BLESSINGS just let me know....cause I got a LIST.
Here is THE LIST:
Mini Van and or mini bus that seats 7 + Oh hush I said we were planning big...never hurts to plan. ( A 7 seater will be fine!)
One set of STURDY Bunk beds new, used, or homemade...possibly two but I have other options already here in the home
One very good electrician who will work for pennies and the cost of supplies.
Someone to pour a small cement sidewalk...who works for pennies and the cost of cement.
Someone who does small home repairs and small remodel jobs...such as applying caulking in a bathroom or painting a window guessed it works for all but free...maybe some hugs and chocolate.
A load of gravel
A load of mulch
A fenced in metal dog lot of any sorts you may know of somewhere anywhere....
Someone who can rip out carpet and lay new carpet and or vinyl room at a time and for pennies...and supplies. We will need free estimates for any and all of the above....if ya know someone struggling to get by who needs some work and will not rob us blind or steal from us...and does not mind working around lots of kids...Let me know of them and I'll offer the situation up to them for prayer and consideration.
A used but new to us stove and new hood...removal of old hood involves Bees and lots of are forewarned!!! Only 2 burners on my current stove case you are wondering.
Twin and full sized bed sheets (possibly toddler bed sheets)
Towels and wash clothes...
Pack and Play or Crib ( may be needed to borrow...may not be needed ) I have a cradle.
Someone to crawl under our house to remove and place the dryer vent pipe and to flush the water filter..( ya just got to pull or push a lever for that little job...Hubby 6 foot 5...not happening! LOL!!! )
One or two tall dressers...tall ones because they require less floor and wall space
Used or new swing set
Used or new sand box...load of sand or bags of sand
Child care....occasionally....must pass criminal checks
This is an on going revolving list. Not all items are needed RIGHT now...please pray and ask around. I feel the Lord will lead us to his helpers and he WILL continue to open this door and bless us by allowing us to walk through it WITH HIM. If you would like to be a part of this...let me know. If not that is so ok too.
Let your heart lead you as we have allowed ours to be led.
Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self Control ..... spread them around...share them...see what happens...Likely it is going to be in lots of BIG BLESSINGS!

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