Friday, June 10, 2011

I Killed enough Ants Today To Have a Sidedish For Supper!

Sure enough I killed ants today in amounts...seriously abnormal for even my less than perfect home! And yet there were so many more fun and interesting things I did today!....And you thought with a blog tittle like mine...I aught to be doing things right! Nope not I am just me. And the me that is has been doing all kinds of fun things....None of which will ever win me the Mother of the Year award or get me voted into the PTA board. Hmmm? Do they still have PTA's? Someone let me know? But again...not like I am going to be running for it's President!

So first off I woke my school kid up at 6:30 this morning for a dose of Ibuprofen... so I could send her to school for her last 3 hours!...Oh hush!!! Yes I did... I so wanted her to get to say good bye to her teachers and friends and bring her first year(she only attended a half year) of attending public school to a proper ending! But in my defense; now you know you did something when you are coming to your own defense, her fever broke last night at 10 pm and she was not feverish this morning. The medicine was for her sore thoat! Yes I know I just nailed the coffin lid...But none the less, she went and did fine, and came home in grand style. I bought her an ice- cream cake!!!
Oh NOW I remember why I did not post this at the time....A friend of mine went to work/school and some kid showed up with what was believed to be strep throat after the mother just gave him/her some meds and sent them on their way.. WHO would do such a thing!!! Anyways she FB about it and I decided that my confession was not a well timed one! Trust me you do not want to get on this ladies bad side!!!...But THAT kid was not my kid...mine went to a different school....well for a little while anyways!!!....Come ON it was the last day of school!!!!!!!She HAD to go!!!!....Consider this an online apology for anyone who had their summer vacation start of with some sort of....sore throat!!!!

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