Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 20 Countdown

Well gone...the end of the world did not occur. So I am told the math was a little shotty and this is the year! But until we have got all the math right...which will never occur, here is the top 20 things I am looking forward to in 2012. In order from the least to most excited about or thereabouts!

20. Just a NEW year! Goodness can you believe it...365 days ( If I manage NOT to die! )
19. All the places I can go! READ THE BOOK then you'll know!
18. Getting lost and not finding some of me!!!
17. Finishing my second read through of the Bible. I am in Mark. I am a slacker tried to do it in a year...and well...I am in Mark!
16. Finding my bar in my not that bar...that one is located in the pantry...followed closely by;
15 Organizing my bar and finding a new use for it...besides its obvious usefulness in holding parts of nearly all my household junk! You know Medical supplies, Christmas decorations, home school books, Star Wars Light saver saber thingies, Vicks and electric razors!
14. Finding out if my Garlic has rotted or is actually making me some awesome...GARLIC!!!
13. Finally breaking through Ella's dyslexia and hearing her read with confidence...preferably once her WAS is not SAW and SAW is not WAS....Along with 6 being six and 9 being nine!...
12. Spending some quality time with the husband without children and no grocery shopping!
11. Watching Jasper grow into a young "little" man!
10. Finding ways to help Grace struggle though...Diabetes!
9. Walking in my second Diabetes Walk and not gasping for breath and not crying!...Ok lets stick with no gasping for breath. And perhaps we can actually raise some money for JDRF this year! Oh and TY to who ever made an anonymous donation this year!
8. Selling GS Cookies.....and by the way...they ARE on sale NOW!!!!!!!
7. Watching Ella with her new best friend...Buddy!
6. Taking a VACATION...anywhere...and I mean just ANYWHERE!!! We have not been on vacation in 5 yrs!!!!!!
5. Bra shopping and teaching my little ladies how to shave and how to me real LADIES!
4. Spending even more time with the best family and friends any women could ever have online and off, in church and not, lost, saved, washed, dipped, clipped and all those not in any of those categories...straight crooked or otherwise...Goodness night I love you all!!!!!!!
3. Learning and then doing.....who cares what...just learning and doing!!!!
2. Finding less of me and more of HIM.
1. Seeing my husbands eyes when I put on that..."LITTLE" Black dress!!!!!!!!!

There ya Top 20!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am so glad I will be eyewitness to all of that. You are such an amazing friend and I love you.