Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Princess Castles and Fire Trucks

You just may be a mother of a young son wake up in bed with a fire truck jabbing you in the butt crack!!! Siren blaring even!!!! But in his defense he  plays equally nicely with a beautiful pink and purple miniature castle. And honestly the tip of that thing is way more painful...think medieval castle tower with flag waving in the breeze. Did you get that picture? Now picture...being in a sound sleep and realizing very early in the morning that....THAT is not your husband!!!!......!!!! Generally this occurs during nap time. I am at that point with the boy...that I am hanging on to every last moment of his babyhood...and nap time. He proudly tells me, " I do not have to take naps once I turn 4." Yes Yes yes buddy....which means MOM will no longer get a nap. This bites!!! I need a nap with or with out the fire truck noises. But alas, my little man is growing up and recently I got to thinking about the differences in raising a son verses daughters. There are several differences that I never anticipated...some I did. Like I never anticipated trying to teach him to hold his parts while taking a whiz! Seriously isn't that just something MEN know how to do?
I never once , even now think about the girls as someones future wife. Well sometimes I do...but right from the start I have always said...some day he will be someones a husband...and a son in law. So I have opted to raise him accordingly.  Opting to do so and doing so are likely two different things. Bummers! But in reality children do grow up and I want for him more than his father was taught and more than I was taught. It's kind of scary to think of the things your kids might have to face. How do I cover it all? Lesson one...put that toilet seat in full swing! But WOW where do you begin the rest? Some day he will be responsible for supporting a wife and children. He may someday indeed be changing my diapers. How the doodles do you prepare them for THAT!!!LOL!!! Lesson two...we do NOT hit girls is not coming along so easily. Just ask his sisters.
Recently, two of my friends have been having marital trouble. Now as disheartening as that is to see, hear , feel and listen to; almost immediately I began to think about how can I teach my little man to be a bigger and better man...than THOSE men. I think the first thing to do is...pick a great father to begin with. Ummm? Love my husband to pieces...but none of us are the best of role models at times. So then what, how, and when and where...and then back to how? It is my personal believe that the best thing we could now or EVER do for him or for our daughters is to take them to church. Not just take them and drop them off, but take them and get involved in their lives and their learning. Learning about God and life in general is of utmost importance. I would say a few good lessons in personal finance would also help out every kid. But if I screw up everything and fail at it all....for him to see LOVE and GRACE in all walks of life , good days and bad, may just very well cover over some of the not so great things we do or forget to teach. I want him to know he can always come to us and we will always offer advice. But I will not be THAT kind of a mother in law! Y'all listen to this and remind me later.
No matter what I simply want to show LOVE. I want him to LOVE. It's not the LOVE part that cheats on ya wife...and love does NOT load up ya wife's things and hall them off to the dump. Mistakes are made...I know that. Forgiveness can be beautiful and teaches valuable lessons.  But I am so banking on the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the ability to love through all carry my little man through thick and thin. Conflict resolution, communication skills are a plus. LOVE, however some how some way will ....lead to just that and all that. Not just love on the good days but the love that shows up on the bad days. And I can not for the life of me think of a better example of that than in that of God and the life of Jesus Christ.

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