Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I Know and Why I homeschool

Here is what I know...generally on a daily basis. I know where my children are. I know what they are doing. I know who they are with. I know what they are learning. I know what they are playing...and who they are playing with. I know who they are talking on the phone with. For the most part I know who they are texting. I said for the most part because of the one situation thanks to the TEXT NOW program on some other child's MP3 player that my child was texting a total stranger for about 6 days!!!! Yes, the real world does visit us homeschoolers...ever once in a while.
I also know when they are sick. I know what activities they are into and not into. I know when they need clothes. I know when it is not a need as well. I know what they are doing and who they are ( at the moment and in the moment). I know their friends...and their friends parents. I know who has a crush on who and why.
I know one child is raising money for children in India. I know another child has used her allowance to purchase needed items for Surry Animal Rescue. I know their likes and dislikes, their dreams, and their nightmares. Some days I figure out real quick what can and does piss them off. In turn they learn this of me as well! I know what hurts them to look at and hear about. And believe me they are not sheltered by any means what so ever. They do not live in a bubble of any kind unaware of the world around them. In fact, they see and know much more than I; often in ways I do not nor can not grasp. I know this to be good!
I know they know me in ways the rest of the world does not. I pray this is a good thing. I know I live and love in a way that works for me and ours. it is not for everyone. I so get that. No really I do...Also because of what I know. I know I have no privacy and no me time. I figure there will be lots of time for that in the rest home someday. Now it is not a done deal or any kind of a done deal...but perhaps because they know me and I know them...they'll visit me in said such rest home!!!LOL!!! Even better, maybe they will not leave me there to begin with!!!
I know and that IS why I home school. It is what works for us and makes us...US. I know because I just am. I know because I know the I am. I know...well, you know..."because I said so!" Sure there is a lot I do not know...but for now... I'll be happy with just  knowing what I know. Therefore and because of... I home school.

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  1. Doing what's right for you and your family is all that matters.