Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Really Bad Day....

Yesterday was simply put Just a really bad day for me. There is just so much "stuffs" roaming around in my head that I even feel rather ill. I do not even know where to begin. I do not know what to pray for or about. Honestly that is my problem...I can't figure out how to pray. Not that I do not know how to pray...I can do that; but more so...what and in what direction. Yesterday and today... I feel like a failure! I feel very OVER-whelmed!!!! There is so MUCH that is not in my control...People judge me and think that I can just go...and do...and fix it ! NOTHING is ever what it seems and no one...NO one mortal human will ever know what it is like in my shoes. (11 wide by the way!)...At points I do not even know what is bothering others I am having a time of it just to keep the list of things bothering me under control and under the 100 count!..Yep its that bad at times....And then's that one really evil thing...MONEY! Or the lack of it at the moment. Sorry I know I am not making any sense...And I am not being funny...Which bites...because I like being funny and finding the funny in things that are funny!...Did you follow that??? So in a nut shell it is me that is the issue and perhaps my own desires...BUT!!!... I do want what Jesus wants!...Good Marriage, Happy Healthy Kids, Husband with a good paying job, Children on the honor roll and in 3 different sports...(LOL I home school some of mine..and do I really want them to participate in 3 sports???)...I do not need a lot... I just need for what I do have to be ok and for it to work smoothly
Yeppers was having a not so good day that day...This was written way back when before summer 2011! So on days like that we just...HANG ON...and pray!

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